Adult Business

Aliya Brynn, Poop Connoisseur and Lover of Dogs, Has Graduated to Blackmail

First things first, have any of you ever seen a title as finally crafted as this one? No you haven’t, the only thing missing is “Florida Man”

I’ve been advised by my Wartime Consigliere that making fun of Aliya Brynn could be construed as defending Nigel. The truth is, when a girl eats shit out of another women’s pussy, then tries to blackmail someone in porn, I have to make fun of that person. It’s part of who I am.

I will say that there’s way more to the dog lover story. This will probably get so much media attention that Alana Evans will claim to have been assaulted by a rouge group of horny black Labs, going as far as to say she overheard one of the dogs bark that they were trained by Nigel”, and the only way to stop this band of dog rapers is to join the Union.

For those that don’t know, Aliya Brynn is or was part of the Poop Orgy girls. Her along with 11 other girls were going to get together and shit all over each other, rub the shit on their bodies, in there mouths, lick shit out each others pussies, suck shit off each others toes, mix shit with vodka and make an exotic shit drink, snort shit thru a straw and get shit high, possibly even putting some shit on a flour tortilla and make a shit taco…That’s pretty gross if you ask me. I like my tacos shit free.

And when I called her out for it, she told me its perfectly fine to each your friends shit…She wasn’t troubled by shitfest 2021 at all…But you know what did bother her? A rumor that Nigel was filming girls have their pussy licked by dogs..So much in fact, that she turned him into the cops, or did she

So Aliya says Nigel has been having girls bang poor Fido for drugs, and she was upset by this, and the only way she wouldn’t TELL THE COPs was if Nigel got her a $800 shoot with Legendary Director, and Inventor of Interracial Cheerleader/Stop Mom/ Porn, Mike Quaser. Yes, Aliya seems like a fine human

While I’m not the person who books for Mike, I’m pretty sure Aliya is do not book cuz she has pink eye list

Fortunately for Sparkles the dog, Aliya is now a porn savoir and future Assistant to the APAG VP.

Remember this, poop eater Aliya was willing to keep quiet for 800 bucks..She’s just as bad as everyone else alleged to be involved in this.

This whole thing is disgusting, fucking in poop, letting dogs eat you out for some drugs..Anyone involved in that is a sick fuck, and I hope there are legal ramifications for ALL involved

Only four states—Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming—do not have laws that formally prohibit sexual abuse of animals, traditionally known as bestiality. … The measure would address gaps in the state’s animal cruelty laws, which require proof—typically bodily injury or death—to prosecute specific crimes


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