ALL American Girls

It’s been more than TEN years since we first met these sexy ladies from the first “American Pie” installment. I hope you like seconds because now they’re all back in “American Reunion” – opening everywhere this Friday!


“Michelle” – Alyson Hannigan

“So this one time at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy.”


That single line of crude dialogue instantly made me warm up to her character. One of the few actors from the original “Pie” to actually have a real career, Alyson Hannigan will always be that off-kilter band camp ginger cutie to me. Check out her gallery and see her like you’ve never seen her before…

“Heather” – Mena Suvari

You remember Mena Suvari right? She’s the petite one with the googly eyes who got Oz to bolt on his lacrosse team to sing a glee club duet. Even in the movies, guys will do anything to get fake-laid. Crazy eyes notwithstanding, Mena earned praise for her turn as a slutty cheerleader in “American Beauty” and since then, hasn’t done diddly. Check out her gallery. She hasn’t aged a day!

“Nadia” – Shannon Elizabeth

Ah, the ghost of pussy past. Hopefully, I don’t need to remind you who Shannon Elizabeth is. This early 2000’s sex symbol gave a whole generation of guys their very first movie boners with her scintillating strip show in Jim’s room, right before he prematurely ejaculates on himself. Luckily for us, Shannon Elizabeth is reprising her sex kitten role, because well, judging by her barren wiki filmography, this hottie needs to eat!

“Vicky” – Tara Reid

Not so much famous as she is notorious, Tara Reid has managed to keep herself alive in the public consciousness and we all know the precise moment when that happened right? Enter Frankenstein titty. But lately, Tara’s been looking like her old self sans leather belly. Who says booze isn’t a natural preservative?

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