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All Clear Given in UK-

NL- The first little blurb is from the AITA. The second is what went on behind the scenes, a clusterfuck I’m hearing about, tweeted by Christian XXX. So consider the later opinion. And BTW I would not normally post someone’s name who has (allegedly) tested Poz, but she outted herself on twitter and it’s already all over several forums (like Bluebird)

All-Clear Given: UK Adult Industry May Recommence Shooting

AITA (the Adult Industry Trade Association) are pleased to confirm that the UK adult performer that tested positive for HIV in initial testing has undertaken a second test with negative HIV results. This performer is therefore confirmed clear of HIV and other sexual diseases.

We would like to thank the UK Adult Industry for such a rapid response following AITA’s request for all UK production work to be suspended until the results for the second test were received.

AITA have now set up a sexual health sub-committee in order to examine whether industry testing and sexual health procedures are adequate to deal with future, genuine HIV outbreaks. We urge all industry members who are not already AITA members to join and help make the association a stronger, better-funded body that can best represent the needs of the industry. Please direct all membership enquiries to [email protected]

The industry-wide suspension can now be lifted. Although this case turned out to be a false alarm, we suggest that any performers concerned about their health get a new test before shooting again.

Best Regards,
The AITA Committee


from ChristianXXX’s Twitter-

this HIV thing gets fucking phonier and shadier by the minute. so many questions and no answers. #ridiculous

an email shows up at 1130pm saying someone has tested positive, but doesn’t say when.

the next morning, a brand new girl that has done like 10 scenes outs herself and says it was her but she now doesn’t believe she is positive

the next day she is magically now negative and everyone in the UK now says “okay lets get back to shooting” end of story

no list of guys she worked with? no public record of false positive? now its a clerical error by the testing facility? Huh?

why aren’t they outing the testing facility?

and if Paul Jones (AIR) was worried about health, why did he claim to send the email to protect everyone’s health…

if he didn’t then turn around and get every male and female she worked with to retest and quarantine them?

if she was positive the first time then clearly she got it from someone. why wasn’t there a search for that someone?

this entire HIV nonsense affair is fucking preposterous bullshit and the UK industry should hold Jessica Jensen, Paul Jones, & AITA to task

well we are going to disclose the girl, but not where she tested, her initial pos test, anyone she worked with, or her 2nd neg test. #huh

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