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All you Posters are Super-Lame, and I am back to smoking Crack!

Written by Sophia Mounds ( aka Jade) on her site

OK so I wrote a controversial gossip story about the “WONDERFUL” Lee Bang and his whatever wife Sophie Dee. Now “remember” my site is a “G-O-S-S-I-P S-I-T-E”–so my best friend Cindi from Luke smokes crack (which she must smoke if she believed the cut downs in that story) has decided to publish details of my “gossip” story as the truth without asking the author why I wrote that story before she published her opinion of my story in a lame attempt to make me look like a white devil.

Let’s get something straight: “I am not a racist!” Get that out of your heads, and I did not mean any of the things that were said in a harsh tone, I did publish a story about Lee Bang and his wonderful wife–which is partly true, and the only “reason” that I even published the story about Lee Bang and his wonderful wife in the first place was to proof that I can write gossip story’s about porn. Which I obviously can (because most of the readers really believed that I hate Lee Bang and his wife, which I don’t!), the story is so good, that I have every one of Cindi’s worthless commenter’s on posting-garbage about me–on her absolutely worthless hatters web site. Why is that not a surprise?

The supper huge fan girl/want-to-be reporter, with the help of her “worthless poster’s” took my dumb gossip column to heart. Why? Because they’re retarded: “a point that is plain and simple.” They have all been “played” like a record, and I am very happy with myself, for being able to get all of the jealous-lame-ass-retarded apes and bitches: “whom feel the need to tear people apart on, especially me: which is absolutely nothing-new on that boring hate filled web-site, and is an officially redundant-bullshit site.

I write gossip-columns and story’s, and weather my readers “hate” or “love my writing” means absolutely nothing to me, “but what is important to me, is if I can provoke some sort of emotion, from the burn-her-at-the stake crowd that calls themselves readers/fans/posters of I have a few of Cindi’s posters on posts for you to read, whom love to attach themselves to my name, for any kind of notoriety.

To me, they are SUPER-LAME and HUGE losers and should just give up attacking others and try working on their obviously pathetic lives.

One: if you believed any of my gossip-story, then I am the best porn-writer out there, and you are one of the biggest fools ever. Yes, some of the story was true, but as for me hating Sophie Dee, I really couldn’t care-less about her one-way or the other, or who she’s married too. As for please get your head out of your ass Cindi and stop believing everything you read. I guess these people have never read the Sun or watched TMZ–my site is a GOSSIP site, and I am not always going to be kind. So get over yourselves, and watch out because if you can dish it out you should be able to take it? Porn weather you believe it or not is not a NICE business and I am a porn gossip columnist and if you don’t like what I have written, let me give you a quarter to call 1-800-go-and-fuck-yourself!

I knew that the “ultra-stupid” site owner Cindi who bought that site for thousands named and her “whatever-posters” would believe that I hated Lee Bang and Sophie Dee, which makes them huge-idiots because it was a story simply for entertainment-purposes-only, and even though it is partly-true, that story in no-way- represents my true feelings about Lee Bang or his wife, one way or the other.

I believe that anyone whom assumed that that story was based on “facts” should of asked me about the story threw an email or some other form of mail. But since we all know how “stupid” and “ULTRA CATTY” some “performers” and “FANS” of are–there is really “no reason” to assume–that they would of reacted any other way to that story then they did. Just because I threw two-pictures of African people in that story that were pictures from and I was talking about a performer whom is BLACK: “certain posters” on “assumed” (and assumptions make an ass out of you and me), that I am a racist which is simply “not-true”: but then you would have to “really know me” before making “stupid” and “damming assumptions” about a person: “that you may not have ever met!”

Prejudice goes both-ways, and I have seen more then my fair share of “bullshit” from the new-idiot-owner of, and will not be kind to that site ever-again starting NOW!

NL- So because I directed you all to sophia’s post about Sophie Dee & Lee Bang, and you went and read it and commented, we are the bad guys, the idiots, and I am “ultra-stupid” and the New-idiot-owner of LIB. LMAO. Well I am glad that the entertaining Sophia is back. Because the slightly normal Sophia that’s been around lately is slightly boring! ( Oh and I guess I am back to being Ryan Knox’s sugar Momma, since I am back on that crack pipe!)

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