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Allah Is Merciful

Mahdi Ahmad of Ummah Films emails:



I stumbled across your website after coming across an article about “Heidi Peterson” after a random search (believe it or not). I found it intriguing because as a Muslim myself I can relate to a lot of her struggles. However, some of then comments regarding her seems to be judging her without a legitimate understanding of her situation. Sometimes the comments borderline on Islamophobia and stereotyping Muslims and Arabs. I believe one must consider the fact that people convert to Islam not because they “fell in love the Arabs” or they want to “rebel” but a true realization of the truth of the teachings. One finds solace and understanding if they believe that they are embracing truth from God.

I am a co-founder of Ummah Films ( and we deal with the negative stereotyping of Muslims and Islam with tongue-in-cheek videos and movies. I am not criticizing you, since you are a journalist and you are just reporting and entitled to your opinions. But sometimes for readers like myself, some comments can allude to an misunderstanding of why people choose Islam or decide to even criticize pornography (even if they are in the porn business themselves).

I hope the best for Heidi. God knows her heart and her situation and He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. What’s the latest on her? Is she doing okay? I hope whatever situation she is in, she does well.

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