Behind The Scenes

Allie Eve Knox: Interview with Sex Factor Contestant

Allie Eve Knox, a 25-year-old contestant on the upcoming show The Sex Factor, was kind enough to sit down with me for an exclusive interview over Skype!

Want to know the facts on this blonde sweetheart with a hidden wild streak, and how she came to be? Watch to find out what she does when she’s not stripping down, and hear about her behind the scenes experiences on the The Sex Factor, and what makes it stand out from other reality competition shows. Whether you’re curious about her sexual preferences, her unique piercings, or the age old question: does she spit or swallow, the video delivers all the answers, and many more.

The exact date when you can start watching The Sex Factor will be announced early this summer. Both a softcore version (that will air on TV), and a hardcore version will be available to watch later this summer. In the meantime, follow Allie on Twitter and/or Instagram!

Below is some exclusive footage of Allie showing off her body. She won’t be able to shoot porn until after the competition is over, so hopefully this will tie you over!

We got a little carried away, and there was way too much footage to cram into one video, so I’m sure I’ll release the rest of the interview in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to the blog and our Twitter for part 2!

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