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Allie Ray’s Passionate Love For Marty Romano

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At Star World Modeling Wednesday afternoon, I talk to Allie Ray, Marty Romano, and Joe and Rob Spallone.

Allie, 20, says Marty, 38, is her new boyfriend of three weeks. “I’ve finally met someone crazier than me. Imagine that. He’s like the male version of me but way worse.”

Rob went out drinking Tuesday night and he’s not feeling too good. To take the edge off Wednesday afternoon, he has a beer with his friends.

At 72, Joe Spallone’s looking for a job.

Allie burned her leg on Marty’s bike. She has bruises on her thighs. “I’ve always been even and nice looking, but since I got Marty as a boyfriend, I’ve got bruises everywhere.”

“How did she get those?” I ask Marty.

“When I was pinning her down,” he says. “You know what we were doing.”

MySpace helped Allie and Marty get together.

“He gave me some books (Choke and Bangkok Tattoo) to read and I thought he was just so so cute,” she says. “Nobody ever gave me books.”

“We watch movies and go swimming,” says Marty.

I suggest that they marry.

They say Marty is too old. “I don’t do the whole marry someone after they’ve already been married,” says Allie.

Luke: “Aren’t you afraid that she’ll stab you?”

Marty: “I wouldn’t be attracted to her unless there was that possibility. Come on, Luke. You know how I am.”

Luke: “What about her putting a little clorox in your drink?”

Marty: “You know how they are, Luke. Haven’t you had a girl poison you?”

Luke: “No.”

Allie: “I am not a poisoner.”

Marty: “More of a stabber. That poisoning thing was an isolated incident. She has a track record of stabbing men. How many men have you stabbed, Allie?”

Allie: “Only like three or four.”

Luke: “And they all deserved it?”

Allie: “Of course they deserved it. I don’t just wake up and want to stab someone.”

Allie gazes up at Marty: “Tell them I’m sweet. I really am sweet.”

Luke: “Are you guys going away on vacation?”

Allie: “Our vacation is the bedroom, right studly?”

Luke: “What do you guys like to talk about?”

Marty: “Me.”

Allie: “It’s all about him.”

“He came over to pick me up and he said, ‘I got permission to f— you on Rob’s bed.’”

“I love interracial. Why? I don’t know. There’s something so disgusting about it.”

“And [Marty’s] going to be the first one to put it in my butt. I’ve had boyfriends for ever and Studly’s getting my butthole. Not even a month.”

“I want to get my nipples pierced. I want arm-sleeved tattoos like Studly.”

Marty: “Don’t do it.”

“When I masturbate, when I have to go to that place, especially if you don’t have a toy and it’s just your fingers, I have to picture six black guys (Allie screws up her face) standing around me jerking off. That’s what gets me off. Am I weird?”

Luke: “What do you think about when you masturbate, Marty?”

Marty: “Punching women in the face.”

“Haven’t you ever just choked a bitch out and punched her in the face while you came up inside of her?”

Luke: “No.”

Marty: “You should try it.”

Allie: “He’s full of s—. He didn’t want to smack me yesterday.”

Marty: “I was stoned.”

Luke: “You wanted him to smack you and he wouldn’t?”

Allie: “He was f—ing me so hard… I was like, this is great, smack me on the face. He’s like, no. I just popped right off his penis and said, ‘Why won’t you smack me?’”

Marty: “I really don’t like to beat women when I’m loaded.”

We discuss Donkey Punch.

Marty: “She believes that if you are going to punch a woman in the head, you should do it in the front.”

“You try not to hit the nose, you just loosen the teeth up a little.”

A few minutes later, Allie Ray gets off the phone exultant. “I passed my chlamydia test!” she announces.

A Jewish screenwriter seeks Rob’s help in writing a scene of four Italian pornographers complaining about their Jewish peers.

Writer: “How are the Jews hurting your business?”

Rob, who’s mother is Jewish and father is Italian-American, says: “Who gave you this information?”

Luke: “You say it all the time.”

Marty: “No. He’s the one who said ugly girls need representation too.”

Rob: “They’re happy making a penny while I’m happy making a hundred.”

The screenwriter tries to create a godfather character.

Rob: “An older Jew.”

Writer: “What should he look like?”

Rob: “I think he should be like you, a dirty disgusting old Jew.”

“What do they do? They whine and cry and try to rob everybody.”

7 p.m. I stop by Wankus’s debut show on PrimeTimeUncensored. He’s a few minutes late.

His guests include his girl Tyler Faith as well as Nautica Thorn.

Wankus was going to have Gianna Lynn from LA Direct Models on the show but said that Derek asked her not to come on.

I ask Derek about this and he replies: “No story, we have put literally hundreds of girls on the Wankus show at KSEX.”

Michael Fattorosi, a co-owner of PrimeTimeUncensored, says Derek has a beef with him because Michael repped a couple of girls who wanted out of their LA Direct contract.

Derek says: “That is true in that there is no problem whatsoever with Wankus.”

At 9 p.m., I visit HaHa, a comedy club at 5010 Lankershim. They host a Nicki Hunter benefit. Victoria Sinn, Celestia Starr and (eventually) Sunny Lane show up.

“Your private life sucks when you do it [porn],” says Victoria. “People don’t take you serious. You’re just a porn star.”

“It’s hard to meet guys who like you for yourself.”

“Americans are spoiled [sexually]. They want to try everything… They’ll hook up with a girl and a guy in the same night. That doesn’t really happen in Germany.”

Victoria wants to work in fashion. “I want to find a nice guy and have a family and be happy.”

Celestia Starr did her last porn scene three weeks ago. She plans to start college in the fall (in L.A.) and major in Psychology.

Starr broke up with her boyfriend Johnny Cobalt a few months ago. She says they’re still friends.

Leah Luv wears sweats and thongs. She puts her hand in front of her face when she passes me. “I don’t want publicity. I don’t want pictures.”

I’m the least patient person I know but I waited 30 minutes in the 60 degree cold for Sunny to arrive.

When she sees me, she breaks into a dance, celebrating the Anaheim Ducks’ victory in the Stanley Cup (hockey).

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