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AM I a SICKO? Obscene Forced Entry, Original Last House on the Left are a Turn On.

Call me a sicko if you want. But I’ve watched a few movies that others have said are sick and disgusting and even OBSCENE, and they turned me on.

The ORIGINAL Forced Entry was done in 1974 and starred Harry Reems as a war vet who comes back and attacks women. I found that boring. But Rob Black & Lizzy Borden’s Forced Entry is extremely hot. Flutter my eyes and sigh out loud hot.

The ORIGINAL Last House on the Left has a lot of dumb parts, but the forced girl/girl scene is can’t tear your eyes off it mean, scary, hot.

I haven’t seen the new remake of Last House on the Left yet, so you guys tell me, did it get your dick hard?

And what is the hottest and/or sickest movie you have ever seen?

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