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Am I Going To AVN’s Internext? Your guess is as good as mine…-Update

UPDATE-Megan found my address and wrote to me and is going to ask if I can be put on the media list.

Internext will be happening in a short three weeks. It is held 40 minutes from my house. I’ve been to every one since it’s inception and promo-ed them before, during and after the convention, on my sites and in the Mags I write for. 

But this year, [email protected] (the e-mail address I have for media) is ignoring me. The first e-mail I sent her, I got a response of Write me back after June 15th. The second e-mail I got no response. The third e-mail I got no response. Do you think they don’t want me to go?

Internext convention will be held at the Beautiful Weston Diplomat Hotel from August 7, 8 & 9. Some events are happening earlier. There are always GREAT workshops & seminars, lots of free booze, wonderful people to network with and parties all night long. 

Click here for details


Maybe I’ll see you there, maybe I won’t. Megan? Did you lose my e-mail address? On purpose?

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