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Am I really a nice person? It’s 11 months now…

Is it sad, oh so sad, that I feel more comfortable telling you guys, my readers how I am feeling, then to tell my own family and so called friends?

Or are you my real friends, and the ones who actually give me feed back and caring and love and hate and an emotional outlet?

It’s a tough question and not one I’m sure I can answer. Today has been a very sad, tearful, crying, angry, resentful, mad at everyone day for me. After dealing with a convention and my anxiety attacks, today is Mother’s day, and my mother died three months ago.

And you know who I am telling about how I feel? You. i guess that says something about how I feel about this site.

It’s funny too. When I took over LIB back in June and I didn’t tell you who I was, it was because I thought you all would freak out and leave if you thought a girl was now in charge. Especially someone like me, with a “nice” reputation.

But now, after we have been through 11 months together, I really appreciate you , and I think you guys actually like me too. “You like me, you really like me”

Amazing if you think that this site was run by -my description-Luke Ford, Mr Contradiction, and after a few rebirths, it is now run by me.

I don’t know how you guys would describe me, I guess i will leave that up to you.

Just a rant, thanks for listening. Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking around!

I sincerely do love you, and respect your opinion. I hope I will always remain someone you think of as  a “nice” person.






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