Amatuer Cosplayers Take it Off (67 Photos)

Hot nude Cosplay Girls

There’s nothing ‘new’ about playing a little dress-up in the bedroom. Whether it be your nurse, school girl, naughty teacher or frisky French maid, men and women have been mixing it up in the bedroom for decades of costumed fun.

More recently the population of aged fanboys/girls who grew up with a different kind of costumed fun and are turning up the heat on our favorite comic book characters. This comes as no surprise with the recent turnaround in pop culture encouraging closeted genre fans to let their geek flag fly high!

One group of ladies have been taking flights and tights Cosplay to the next level by revealing what they have going on under all that spandex. Check out their nasty alt-takes on characters like Silk Spectre, Giganta, Zatanna, and Super Girl, just to name a few!


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