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Amber Rayne hit by Drunk Driver

NL-I read about it and talked to her on Twitter. Here’s the things she said, now remember you are only reading her side of the conversation. You can read it all at .  Glad she is okay.

Bah! I take it back, car down! car down! I have just been clobbered from behind by a man who can hardly stand up straight! My bumper is barely hanging on! I need ductape! ::sob::

He’s uninsured and just blew a .10 BAL. ? my car needs to be towed now too. Duc tape can’t save it now.)

ll in all I’m good though, my car on the other hand has seen better days and the guy that whacked me probably didn’t even know where he was.

I’m thinking I need a bat, gloves, body bag and cement and then I’ll hire the lawyer lol. Perhaps I’ll just get an evil monkey and have it attack.

Officer arrested him on the spot and my car was towed off. I’m now driving a hearse,er PT cruiser, around while they determine the damage.

I am ok, just found major bruising on my leg though from when I slammed into the steering wheel or something

Ok so disappointing day but definitely not the most terrible. Things could have been much worse. Just bummed I missed my chance to play with monster sized toys!

Hey you! yup I’m ok! It could have been far worse so I’m quite thankful to say just my car was a road casualty.

Ah yes thats what everyone has been telling me. I do promise to stay low for a day or two and have plenty of Bayer. Thank you!

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