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Amber Rayne’s Battle With Cancer

She writes on ADT (her profile):

I think the one thing i just kinda wanted to say, especially since this is really the first time i’ve seen it come up, in regards to my cancer situation, is I’m absolutely fine.
I underwent chemo for a while, and that was physically and mentally doing me in so to say, so I just opted for absolute removal. (no wee replications of me running around). I do have to go in for periodic check-ups but its been about a couple months under a year from when they pulled it (bad visual there huh?) and i’ve been doing great. My hair is even beginning to get thincker again!!! woohoo. (it didn’t all come out but it certainly thinned quite a bit..bummer).
Anyhow, no need to be concerned. I’m certainly not and really looked at it as an annoyance more then anythin.

But now that thats outta the way..

HELLO ALL!!! I really hate that the only time i get to see some of you is during the conventions only. next AVN I will go to the Adultdvdtalk party..promise!
Cumwhipper how are you?? and how is the east coast right now lol? I head out there to baltimore in a few days for a week and then from there to prague..
Heya Coach!!! I was watching slap shot today and thought of you. ? i’m slowly nearing that state of hockey withdrawl..
Hellooooo Mister Blue!! ? how YOU doin?
Hey knocko Nice to kinda sort of virtually meet you. oh and geek isnt the word..I’m a flat out dork. next to LOTR and my huge love for comic books, I’m a major gamer. after this i’m off to play world of warcraft…I’m going to go hide in embarressment now LOL
HelloRandom… I enjoy your avatar!!
and Leyden thank you for the buzz…yes i am unsuccessfully trying to be witty LOL

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