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American Idol Sex Tape

From NBC News:

Olivia Mojica, who just missed becoming a finalist during the second season of American Idol, will now be featured as the first contestant on the show to make a sex tape.

A Texas native, Mojica is the latest celebrity to see a video she recently made with her boyfriend find its way into the public arena and get broad distribution from Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company.

The DVD is titled ‘Hardcore Idol’ and will be in stores across the country on May 3.

Mojica was ranked as one of the “best of the rest” in the second season of the wildly popular Fox TV show American Idol, when she was just 18.

She performed last on March 3, 2003, singing “Because You Loved Me” made popular by Celine Dion, but lost out to a field that included Ruben Studdard, Corey Clark and Clay Aiken.

She is currently singing at clubs and other venues across the country as well as working on a full length album which is expected to be in stores nationwide in 2008.

The video, which Mojica made with her boyfriend Adam Roberts a month ago in her New York City apartment, was obtained by Vivid, which is currently trying to contact Mojica to see if she will help promote the video and share in revenue from its sale.

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