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Amia Miley- Exclusive Interview- Part 2

Part one is here

 411: I know you were at the dentist recently. And I know that because everyone knows I have been through hell with a dental surgery that I just had, so it’s been all over twitter and you and I were talking about it also on twitter.   
A: Yeah I was at the dentist, and my dentist knows what I do.

411: That would worry me if he gave me gas and knocked me out…
  A: It’s a girl and my Mom told her because she is a friend of the family. So I didn’t know everyone knew until I went in and they were all asking how work was going in LA. Your Mom showed us some pictures of your shoot they were really pretty. I was like oh my God. It was kind of awkward.

411: Nice of your Mom to out you and not even tell you.
   A: Thanks Mom.

411: You have an exotic look, what nationality are you?  A: I am Hawaiian and Italian. My Mom is Italian.

411: That is a unique mix. I heard that you loved Lady Gaga’s new video, Telephone. Did you know there are porn stars in there? Jessica drake & Alektra Blue are in the beginning.  A: Yeah I know. When Lady Gaga first came out I wasn’t a big fan of hers, but I’ve gotten to really like her music videos. They are really creative and full of sex. She’s grown on me.

411: Have you done any music videos yet?
  A: I was in a Radomen video slash commercial. Brooke Haven was in it also. I was in one for Ya boi also. It was kind of ironic because it was about pretty girls go out and meet boys and get whatever they want.

411: So it reminds you of yourself, kind of. If your fans could only see one scene that you have done so far, which one should they see?
   A: Either Cum Spoiled Brats with Jenna Haze or Jail Bait 7 with Erik Everhard. With Jenna I did a boy/girl/girl with me, her & Justice Young. It was pretty funny. She was downstairs with her boyfriend and her parents were out of town and I snuck up and start taking pictures of her and she flipped out on me. She said she was going to tell the parents on me if we didn’t share the boy. So I took her boyfriend. So the whole scene I am being a brat to her and saying mean things and stealing him from her.

411: That’s sounds like it was fun.
   A: It was a fun video. In Jail Bait 7, it was a young girl, older guy. I am very good at acting young, with pigtails and lollipops. In that video he is supposed to babysit me and give me a bath. So he carries me and fills up the bathtub and gives me a rubber ducky and floating alphabet letter toys and I was spelling out words like D-I-C-K and then I’d ask Erik, what does dick mean and he pulls his dick out. Then I spelled out F-U-C-K and we did and I brought my rubber duck with me and had my rubber ducky give him head.

411: I don’t know how he kept a hard-on and didn’t crack up doing that.
  A: (Laughs) I think he liked it.

411: What is the craziest sex you ever had?
   A: I did a scene for Jim Lane and it was ridiculous. I’ve never really done bondage before and he wanted to shoot me for something that was supposed to be very light, very playful bondage. So I said I would try it out. It turned into extreme hardcore crazy stuff. I ended up puking on myself. I was upside down getting face fucked. I was pissed off during the scene, so I was talking shit, but it turned out awesome. So it ended up being one of my funniest scenes ever. I think it was called Disgrace.

411: So what is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
   A: Out in public on the top of an office building, but on a Sunday, so people weren’t there, but it was so scary. I didn’t want to get arrested or something. Somebody could have caught me. I didn’t see any people, but I could see cars down below. It was kind of fun, but 90% of it I was scared.

411: What wouldn’t you do?
   A: I don’t do anal, cream pies, swallowing. I don’t do a lot.

411: Well you are just starting out, so those things will “cum” in time. Who are your favorite porn stars?
   A: Teagan. I did a photo shoot with her for Club but I haven’t done any videos with her yet. But she is awesome. She has the hottest fucking body I have seen yet. The photo shoot just went really well. Our body’s complimented each other. I don’t have boobs, but we both have asses and stuff and are in good shape, so I really liked taking photos with her.

411: She’s great, and gorgeous and down to earth. She’s not stuck up or anything, she’s just normal. I love her.   A: Exactly. Everything about her is awesome. I really like Jenna (Haze) too.

411: How do you like the acting part of porn?   A: I love it so much. Whenever I get jobs like that I am so excited. Those jobs always tend to be like fourteen-hour days, but whatever.

411: I know you did an X-play movie, Not Monday Night Football XXX. How did you like it?
   A: It was awesome, but very long days. A lot of fun. I love stuff like that.

411: Would you like to do more movies where you get to act?
   A: Oh yeah.

411: And you have a beautiful natural body. Would you ever get fake boobs?
   A: I don’t think so. I’m very scared of the surgery thing. Sometimes people do it and their boobs don’t look good. Teagan has awesome boobs though.

411: Yes she does. Do you watch your own movies?   A: I have seen a few.

411: What did you think?  A: I haven’t watched many. I have so much fun doing it, but I don’t like watching them after. It’s surreal. I’m like did I really do that? It’s crazy watching myself. I watch other people.

411: Do you watch other porn movies and get turned on?
   A: Oh yeah. I’ll hear something about a girl, that she is so good at this or that, so I will go watch her movie to see what they are talking about.

411: Do you ever masturbate while watching porn?
   A: I have a few times.

411: Do you have a website?
    A: Not yet. I am still working on it. I am so busy. I have a myspace that is being redesigned. I haven’t answered any of my friend requests in a couple months, but as soon as my new page is on there I’m going to go on myspace more and I will add all the people. So everyone can find me on myspace & twitter.

411: I’ll talk to you there. Thanks Amia! 

 You can read the whole interview and see the naked pics here

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