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Amia Miley- “I was actually quite a prude and innocent little girl.” Exclusive Interview

Amia Miley loves Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings and if she watches TV it is the Discovery Channel. She started in porn when she was 18, and that was last year! She’s young, beautiful and a lot of fun. I begin my phone interview with Amia while she is in Arizona at the mall. She decides that our phone conversation should take place in the public bathroom since we will be broaching some NSFW (or the general public) subject matter. We start on the subject of her age…

Interview By Cindi Loftus 
Photos by Joshua
 ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Amia: I’d like to be eighteen forever! But I’m nineteen now.

Adult Fun 411: When are you turning twenty?

A: November 23rd.

411: So you have a while longer to be a teenager. How did you end up being a teenaged porn star?

A: I’ve always done modeling. I actually did a fashion show for Adam & Eve, for their clothing line and I had no idea it was a porn company until after I did the fashion show. When I was eighteen I started modeling bathing suits. Plus I knew a couple people who did porn. I’ve always been around the fringes. I watched Pirates and after seeing that I knew it was what I wanted to do.

411: Were you always a horny girl?

A: I was actually quite a prude and innocent little girl.

411: What were you like in high school? Did you have a lot of boyfriends (I’m thinking to myself, that high school for Amia was last year, oye vay!)

A: Yeah, it was weird because I wasn’t a slut at all as far as hooking up with people. But I was pretty slutty as far as dating a lot of guys and I kissed everybody. But I wasn’t having sex. I was friends with everybody. I was a cheerleader but I wasn’t the stereotypical stuck up cheerleader at all. I was really good at math and science. I was kind of nerdy.

411: What kind of other jobs did you have?

A: Before this I had a forty-hour plus a week job consistently since I was fifteen. It was for a marketing company.

411: Did you have to dress up for that job?

A: Yes like business attire.

411: Quite different from what you wear now. What was your first porn scene?

A: For FTV Girls, I started out doing solos.

411: So you were eighteen doing solo scenes. How did you even know what to do? Were you masturbating at home? I don’t even think I knew how to make myself cum at eighteen.

A: (Laughs) I was with boys, but I was scared to do all this naughty stuff. I didn’t really know how to do anything. In porn it’s like an alternate world. Before porn I was so afraid that I didn’t know how to do anything. But in porn everything is accepted. It is a fantasy world. You can feel comfortable.

411: Do you hang out with people in porn?

A: I don’t really party, or drink or do drugs or anything. So I’m not really into the drama. I get along with a lot of girls and guys well, but I’m more like acquaintances, but I don’t really want to go out and party.

411: You are very mature for nineteen.

A: Thank you.

411: You can’t go crazy when you hit twenty-one and say all right it’s party time.

A: Exactly.

411: What does your family think of what you do?

A: My Mom has been telling me since I was young that I was going to grow up to be a porn star or an escort or something. It wasn’t because I was slutty or a whore or anything. It was because I dressed like one. And I had so many guy friends and they would spend the night at my house or passed out in my bedroom. There were always guys over and I was always wearing short shorts. So my Mom would always kid around and say you are going to grow up to be a porn star.

411: What did she think when it happened?

A: Well it isn’t her preferred career choice for me at all. What parent would want their kid to be this?. But she is like you are going to do what you are going to do in life and all I can do is hope the best for you and know that you are going to be safe and save your money up.

411: Sounds like a cool mom.
A: She is. She went to a couple conventions with me.

411: How did you like your first convention?

A: I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. People come up and say I watch your videos all the time. It was crazy to hear that from people in person. I get messages from people about stuff like that all the time, but to see those people in person, was a really cool experience.

411: Pretty weird to think of guys masturbating while they look at you, but then you are looking them in the eye and thinking when he goes home…

A: Yeah, sometimes now, because of the conventions, I look around and think. I wonder which one of you jerks off to me.

411: I know. So today you are walking around the mall, if a guy stares at you. is it because he thinks you’re cute, or because he thinks you look familiar.

A: I am so paranoid about that stuff. I have had people come up to me a couple times and ask me if I was in so and so. One time I was at the grocery story and this guy came up to me and said are you Amia? I’m like, uhm, yeah and then I put my hand out and shook his hand because I didn’t know what to do.

411: (cracks up) You shook his hand? That’s great. He probably didn’t know what to do either. You couldn’t very well whip out your boobs or say would you like me to autograph your bananas.

A: (Laughs) Exactly. So I look at public places differently now and I think who watches porn…

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