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Amia Miley shakes her ass with Britney Spears on stage

Former porn star Amia Miley hasn’t exactly been resting on her laurels since her retirement from porn.

This week the one and only Britney Spears posted a picture on instagram of a half naked Amia Miley crawling on all fours toward Brit Brit in a super hot and sexy on stage performance.

What did Amia Miley have to say about it all? “She smelled like roses lol #workbitch”

Amia Miley with Britney Spears

You can follow the adorably sweet Amia Miley on twitter @AmiaMiley


Update: Sorry just a correction. Amia Miley is in Britney’s new Word Bitch video at around the 1:43 mark. You also get a better show of her at 1:54 and then flashed in at various other short spots including a time when Britney spanks her with the whip at like 1:56 or so. I’m really not a fan of her new song Work Bitch but I’m totally happy for Amia Miley to get this gig. Go Amia!! WOOT WOOT!!


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