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Amy Ried- Exclusive Interview- Part 2

AF: I can’t wait to see the first episode, when is it coming out?
Amy: End of November, Beginning of December.

AF: So you were born in Germany?

Amy: Yes, but I wasn’t there long. My parents were military so they got stationed in California when I was one.

AF: So you grew up and went to high school in California?

Amy: Yeah.


AF: Did you have those big boobs in high school?

Amy: Yes.

AF: You must have been very popular.

Amy: Yeah, and I had bleached blonde hair all the way down to my ass. I had guys following me with video cameras in high school.

AF: See, you were trained early to be in front of the camera. You were meant to be a star. What kind of jobs did you have in high school?

Amy: The typical run of the mill jobs, plus my Dad owned an auto parts shop right down the street from school so I would go there and be his little cashier.

AF: I bet that helped bring in more business.

Amy: Yeah. (Laughs) I was a lifeguard for a while during the summer. That was a lot of fun.

AF: Well that must have been a good job because you obviously like to tan I was going to ask you how you get tan all over.

Amy: I haven’t been tanning in months now. I am the whitest I have ever been right now. But I am half French Creole, so I am naturally olive. So I always have skin that is pretty dark. But if I go in the sun I am really dark. The other half is German.

AF: You are perfect.

Amy: Thank you.


AF: So how did you go from working at Dad’s place to being a porn star?

Amy: After high school, I went to college and was working two part time jobs. So I would wake up at 5am, go to one job, then go to school, then go to the other job, then go home and do homework and get three hours of sleep every night.

AF: One of the people on Twitter wanted me to ask you if you really went to engineering school.

Amy: Yeah, I went to Cal-Tech Pomona.

AF: Did you like it?

Amy: I did. But I didn’t like hearing people that graduated with the same major were working at Radio Shack. It was a lot of work and was hard for me to stay focused. So to work that hard and not have a good job to look forward too didn’t seem okay to me. I would wake up so exhausted. I was killing myself. It was too much to handle on my own, plus I was in a bad relationship. So some guy randomly approached me and said you could do porn, you are really pretty, you would make a lot of money. I was clueless, I had never even thought about that. But I was so desperate and in need of getting out of the situation I was in and I wanted to change my life. So I didn’t know if the change would be better or worse, but I wanted to do something. And porn was what came my way. I followed this guy out to LA. I never even knew that I had a good body. How stupid. But I was a tomboy. So I just remember I took off my clothes with ten guys standing around me and they were saying “Holy Crap!” and I was booked for the whole month right there. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want them to try and talk me out of it. The hardest part for me was that I didn’t have much experience. I had only had two boyfriends, so I had only had sex with two people before I started in porn. My parents were really strict. I was a good girl.


AF: Well look at you now! How many movies have you done?

Amy: I don’t know.

AF: Over a hundred?

Amy: Oh no. A lot of my movies are compilations. I think I have probably only done twenty-five boy/girl scenes.

AF: That’s not many at all!

Amy: That’s not many, considering I have been in the business since I was 19.

AF: So you have done average of five scenes a year?

Amy: Yeah, I know. I did five scenes last year, and five scenes the year before. How crazy is that!

AF: You have a really easy job; you know that?

Amy: (Laughs) But I do other things too, to pay for things.

AF: You are very well known for doing so few scenes.

Amy: I tried to be strategic about it. I don’t consider myself to be famous, but if you want to get there, you can’t flood the gates. You can’t be everywhere. It’s just like how singers release albums. If someone releases an album every other month people would get bored of them.


AF: So if fans could see just one of your scenes which one should they watch?

Amy: Depends on if you like anal or not. I think my most entertaining scene that is out would be for Jules Jordan. I think it’s an Erik Everhard movie. I think it’s called Cum in my Ass, Not in my Mouth. It’s the only time I had ever done anal with two guys. It wasn’t double anal, but with two separate guys. And everyone who has seen that scene, that is the only scene I always hear about.

AF: So you were performing with two guys. One did your ass, than the other one did your ass.

Amy: Yeah. It was Sasha & Erik Everhard.

AF: I hope you got paid a lot for that one!

Amy: I did! It wasn’t bad either. It wasn’t hard for me.

AF: Who is your favorite guy to work with?

Amy: You know what? I don’t have a favorite because I don’t like working with the same person all the time. I like different types of guys.

AF: Is there someone that you haven’t worked with yet that you want to because you think they are hot?

Amy: I don’t even know who the newest guys are, so I would have to say no. Well I guess if I have to say a favorite I would say my boyfriend (Justice Young) because he is a performer. But I actually don’t like doing scenes with him because it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like I am putting my personal life on video.

AF: I can understand that.

Amy: A lot of people do comment on the scenes I do with him, who don’t know we are together, they say that we have chemistry, we are really into each other.

AF: Do you get jealous when he does scenes with other girls?

Amy: No, we both know how we feel about each other and are very secure people. We’ve been together for three years now, and in porn years that’s an eternity.


AF: What is the weirdest place you have ever had sex?

Amy: Probably in the middle of the desert, that was kind of weird and uncomfortable.

AF: And hot and sandy?

Amy: It wasn’t hot because it was Fall and the sun was going down, but it was very sandy.

AF: Seems like you would find sand five days later.

Amy: Yeah, in all kinds of weird places.

AF: What is the most people you have had sex with at the same time?

Amy: It would have to be a big orgy thing I did when I was contracted to third degree. I don ‘t remember how many people, I’ll guess ten people, guys & girls.

AF: Is there anything sexual you wouldn’t do?

Amy: Uh, yeah. I am sure there is. I am going through a list of things in my head….
AF: Would you do a double vag or a double anal?

Amy: That seems like it would be painful. I could probably do a double anal because your ass opens up a lot more then your pussy. But double pussy, there is just nothing pleasant about.

AF: I wouldn’t know about that, and I’m not planning on finding out. (laughs)

Amy: (Laughs) I don’t think I will either.

AF: Do you have a message for your fans?

Amy: Keep watching because there is a lot of great stuff coming out and I am super excited about it.

AF: Thanks so much Amy. And I can’t wait to see and do a review on your movie!


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