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Amy Ried- Exclusive Interview

Amazing Amy Ried is hard to track down because she stays low on the radar. Porn is not who she is, it’s just what she does. In her five years in the biz she has done less then fifty scenes. I am really lucky because New Sensations signed Amy, and I got the honor of first dibs! Here is Amy’s first interview as New Sensation’s Contract star. She’s has lots of exciting things going on, and she tells me about all of them!

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photos Courtesy of New Sensations
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Adult Fun 411: Congratulations on your contract with New Sensations. I love that company!

Amy Ried: Me too. I’ve been working with them for a long time, so this is the first time I’ve ever felt right about signing a contract with someone.
AF: So you are starting your own company too?
Amy: Yeah. I am. It’s called Riedemption Productions. It’s a lot of work but I am excited about it. Because this is what we all hope to get to at some point.
AF: This is great for you. Distribution is the hard part of starting your own company, and you have that made because of your deal with New Sensations. Did you shoot your first movie yet?
Amy: I have a couple movies in the can of my own. I haven’t done anything under my contract yet. My first one will be called Riedality. It’s a reality-based movie and I am in every scene. I go on crazy adventures with my friends. I did one where I went sky-diving and one where I went and shot a shot gun. Just crazy events and then we incorporate a sex scene in it.
AF: That’s so cool!
Amy: It’s very unscripted and raw. I’ve never done anything in my career that was able to let me come through. It was always like let’s do the tease, let’s do the scene. So this gives my fans a chance to know what I am all about and who I am. There is no you can’t say that, you can’t do this, walk this way. It was a lot of fun doing my shoots and being myself.
AF: So have you sky dived, dove? (laughs) before?
Amy: No! Not before this movie.
AF: That must have been great!
Amy: It was. But I thought I would have a heart attack because it was so “let’s do this today”! I just bought a house and I have a lot of things going on all at the same time. It’s hard to figure out my schedule. It just so happens that Voodoo, the performer that I did it with….
AF: I love Voodoo.
Amy: He’s really cool. He called me up and said it’s perfect weather today, let’s do it today. It’s a really far drive from the valley. So it was very spur of the moment. He’s telling me how to jump out of the plane on the way up. You are going crawl to the side here. And so of course he doesn’t just do a normal sky dive for me, he has the pilot go up a thousand more feet. And then he says we are going to do this thing called a superman where we glide across the air. I’m trying to take it all in. But it was a lot of fun. I had a great time.
AF: I read that you are a daredevil. You really are. Didn’t you have to learn how to load your parachute or anything?
Amy: No, no. I wasn’t really nervous until I realized he was telling me how to jump out of the plane, on the way up. I was like, wow, I feel really unprepared right now.
AF: Did you do a tandem where he is attached to you?
Amy: I jumped twice. The first was a tandem to him and then I went by myself.
AF: You are brave!
Amy: Yeah. I have always been kind of like that. But my boyfriend was supposed to come with me. He said I want to jump out with you guys. But then we get there and he says, I will be at the bottom taping you from down here.
AF: That doesn’t sound fair! Well maybe it was better that you didn’t have time to thing about it too much. Because if it were me I would be thinking the worst; what if my parachute doesn’t open, what if I open it too early or too late. You had no time to think about any of that.
Amy: It’s almost better if you try not to over stress about it. But I know with skydiving there are three ways to save your life. One is that the parachute will open automatically after a certain amount of time. I think you only get the option of opening it yourself so you have the whole experience. But the company itself is not going to let something happen to you. They are very thorough about how they check the parachutes. I saw them doing all that so I felt pretty secure.
AF: You are definitely a glass half full person, aren’t you?
Amy: I try to be. There is just something that I would be missing out on. I think that’s more what it is. I don’t ever want to be the party pooper.
AF: So after you landed did you have sex with Voodoo?
Amy: Well okay, this particular episode is in my next Riedality. For this one I did a scene with Alex Gonz and we were supposed to go sky diving and he was like I’m not going skydiving; you are crazy. So we did the indoor kind, that’s the I Fly thing. It is hard to get performers to do some of this stuff. And guys especially, they are not the daredevils you would think they are. The girls seem to be more willing.
AF: Isn’t that funny?
Amy: Yeah, it is. I don’t know why. Guys act all tough, but when you get them in these situations, good luck!
AF: So they can take their clothes off and fuck anyone, but jump out of a plane? NO fucking way! (laughs)
Amy: (Laughs) Heck no! I actually did the bungee jump scene at Six flags and it’s called the Devil’s Drop where they take you all the way up in the harness, it’s like being in a giant sling. And then you pull the cord and they drop you. I think that was way more scary then sky-diving. Because they pull you up so slow, so you see yourself going higher and higher and higher and higher and you are like holy crap, I am going to freefall? Are you kidding me? It was so scary. And my co-star, Bill Bailey was saying the whole way- I hate you, I hate you. That was a spur of the moment thing too. I just picked him up and said you are doing a scene today. You might want to change what you are wearing because it is going to be hot where we are going. So he changed and then said, “where are we going?” When I told him what we were doing, he said, “Wait, I don’t want to do that!”
AF: He probably wanted extra hazardous duty pay.
Amy: I think he was okay with it after a while. He was glad he did it. But at first he was saying, “Why are you doing this to me?”
AF: So after you did the bungee jumping, how did you do the sex?
Amy: We just make it realistic. I say for doing that for me we are going to go back to my house and fuck. So we go do that! You can see the trailer for some of it on YouTube under Riedality. People will be surprised at how fast paced it is.
AF: Once it gets out about the adventurous things you are doing I think the daredevils will be asking you if they can be in it, and then you will find out who the real tough guys are.
Amy: Yeah. True.
AF: Tommy Gunn seems like the kind of guy that would do anything.
Amy: Yeah, he does. But sometimes it takes some of the entertainment value out of it too, if they are too willing. I want them to fight me a little bit.
AF: So you like MAKING them do it.
Amy: Yeah. Guys are babies.
AF: Well it’s great because you say if you want to fuck me then you have to do this.
Amy: Yep. They have to do it, or it’s not happening afterward, then they say, okay… So far everyone has been pretty cooperative.
AF: I think you should do race cars.
Amy: Yes. I definitely want to do that. I want to save one big thing for each movie. I think I am also going to go swimming with dolphins.
AF: Dolphins? No, no, no. Amy, I was waiting for you to say you were going to go swimming with sharks!
Amy: Oh gosh, I don’t know about that one. I don’t know who I could get to do it with me. I would do it as long as we had a trainer in the water with us. Swimming with sharks is on a whole nother level.
AF: Well you could be in a cage.
Amy: Yeah, but they can get through the cage.
AF: I wouldn’t do that. Girl there is no way. Sorry.
Amy: I go surfing all the time. So I kind of am swimming with them.
AF: But you don’t see them. You are amazing. But I am a chicken and I wouldn’t swim with sharks even if I got to fuck you.
Amy: That’s why I am saying I’d like to put that together, but it would be hard to find someone to do it with. There is no guarantee.
AF: There is no guarantee you come out alive and get to finish the scene! (Laughs)
Amy: (Laughs) I guess I will stick with the dolphins. -coming soon!

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