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An AIM Employee Tells Her Side Of The Story

NL- Thanks so much for this Jenn.

OP/ED by jennyfers77

Shelley, Please don’t flatter yourself by taking the credit for AIM closing. This isn’t gods work. God loves unconditionally, porn stars and all. Maybe you should take pointers from Harmony at treasures. She doesn’t go around judging people for their choices. She wants to help people who need help. You claim that all these STD’s are in the adult industry and the statistics show it, but do you count the non-talent in that? How about the people that tested too soon after taking the meds? Oh and I love this one. “There was 29 HIV positives in the industry.” HELLO NOT EVERYONE IS TALENT THAT TEST THERE…
Shelley peoples lives’ are on the line here. People lost their jobs. Sure, you can give “free hiv testing” but those are Elisa test. Sure promote condoms, but remember condoms are only a barrier of protection. Kind of like a “Fig leaf” as AHF calls AIM. Remember this Shelley condoms break. You’re a sister in Christ and what you’re doing is wrong. You keep judging, give false teaching, ect… and it’s not very Christian like. At first I thought it was cool that the industry had a Christian faith place for the girls to go to. Once I started reading more about you I developed acid reflex. Needles to say, I was disappointed. I use to think that if Jesus was walking this earth right now he would walk right into AIM to love and teach the patients. Now, I think he would walk into your office to teach you a thing or two. I’m truly sorry that you were in pain and became a drug addict while you were in the industry. However, it does say in the bible we have our own free will. You could have chosen not to test, not to show up, or just said NO! Like the old saying goes “if you can’t make it in porn, you go against it”.

Mike South, boy do I have a lot to say to you. You were right AIM closed down. However, the staff at AIM were not idiots, well maybe upper management was. The staff at AIM went above and beyond the call of duty. You see, when you’re in the medical field you have to develop a hard heart. You can’t get emotionally involved with the patients. I quickly fell in love with so many people that would come in. Not just in the porn industry but with civilians also. We did care. It wasn’t about money or what they can do for us. We were extended family in a sense.

Paul was like a brother or best friend. You would see him and just want to jib jab for hours. Trust me he got into trouble for it also. Spending too much time on one person. Listening to them tell about their week, month or the exciting news that they are working because work is far and few between or when someone needed a ride home. How about the civilian who is scared because, they had a drunken one night stand.

Then you have Bobi who was more like a mother then an AIM employee. When she was in the other office people would just come in to talk even when their test wasn’t due. She opened her home up for people who needed a place to stay because there was no where else to go. Staying up all night because, some of the girls needed a mother to talk to.
I hope that one day someone will let you know Mike that not all of AIM was bad.

Working at AIM wasn’t really work. We had so many laughs there. We have so many stories. I’m sad the way we ended and I will really miss working there. Thank you everyone who brought joy to my life each and everyday.

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