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An Exclusive interview with Teagan, Teagan, Teagan..

Teagan Presley is a well-known star.  A former contract girl and winner of several awards, Teagan now does girl/girl scenes, graces many magazines covers (this month will be Xcitement, Genesis and Penthouse), and works on Owned by Teagan and her boyfriend Josh, ABR focuses on adult movie reviews done on camera by porn stars. Currently you can watch Teagan masturbate as she talks about This Ain’t the Munsters XXX. Nice! I had a lot of laughs with Josh & Teagan as you can tell by the conversation below.

(see the naked layout by clicking here)


Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Cover Photo by Josh Lehman
Layout Photos by Josh Lehman & Chris King
©2008 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: Congratulations on being named a Penthouse Pet! Have you always wanted to be one?
Teagan: Yeah. I think it is a lot of girl’s goal.
X: So what other dreams have come true ?
T: I started feature dancing and I won Best Feature Dancer of the Year at Nightmoves after only dancing for six months.
X: That’s cool. What dreams are you working on  making come true?
T: There are always new girls coming in the industry that you want to do girl/girl scenes with. My next goal is, since I am in the biggest issue for Penthouse, I am hoping that it will sell really well and I’ll get enough votes to be Pet of the Year.
X: Do you have any unfulfilled sex fantasies?
T: Not really. I think I have fulfilled them all either in my personal life or on camera.
X: You must have a pretty good sex life.
T: Yeah, at twenty-three years old I am very young and very full of energy.
X: Can I have a little bit?
T: Yeah, I’ll bottle it for you.
X: Well you look fantastic. Why did you have your implants taken out and replaced?
T: The first time was become they became encapsulated. The implant was poking out. You can kind of see it in Island Fever 4. I had it fixed, but two weeks after I got them redone, my body rejected them. So I got them redone again in July. Then I shot the Penthouse layout in August. I was balancing on this waterfall and putting so much weight on my arms that I actually ripped open again. So right after that shoot I had to get it fixed again.
X: Ouch! You act like it is no big deal. Sounds like it would be painful to have all those surgeries.
T: It is, but it doesn’t really bother me. My last one that got fixed, I was up walking around by the end of the day. I am so used to it. I know what to do.
X: When you did Not Bewitched XXX which set of boobs were you on?
T: The second.
X: Did you like those?
T: No, because my body rejected them, they became hard and were not the right shape. I hated how hard they were. So when I got them done for the third time now I can feel my boobs bounce, I’ve never been able to feel that before. Now I love it.
X: They are saline or silicone?
T: They are silicone.
X: So they are nice and juicy like real boobs. Here let me feel them. (We are on the phone remember)
(Teagan laughs.)
X: They feel good to me.  Did you have fun doing Bewitched?
T: It was a lot of fun. I got all the cute outfits so I was happy.
X: You were perfectly cast in that movie and you did so well in your role as a one year old eighteen year old.
T: Ah, thank you. I was happy because I got the cutest wardrobe out of the whole cast. I didn’t have to wear the grandma clothes or a weird wig. So I got to feel sexy. I think that helped me.
X: For Christmas I would like you to please send me that magic black doll that you used in the movie.
T: (laughs) That was a collectors item that someone had and it was anatomically correct. When you opened the pants it had a big ole penis.
X: Well I want that, and I want you to come with it so you can do a spell and make it become real.
T: Okay. The guy that plays him, he looks exactly like the doll in person. It was crazy.
X: My favorite scene in the movie was you and James Deen on the bed.
T: That was a good scene.
X: So you did an excellent job in the movie and you didn’t even have to learn to wiggle your nose.
T: I’ve had a nose job, so I don’t even think I could’ve if I tried. I got to use my finger luckily.
X: Then you did the second Brady movie after that and you got the best part. I didn’t get to see that yet. But the movie is called Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, and you play Marcia.
T: My last boy/girl scene was in that movie with Evan (Stone).
X: So tell me about your website
T: Josh thought of it because he ran a mainstream movie review website and thought we should do it for adult movies. We came up with a different spin on it. We started with me doing the reviews and I would type them out and it took me forever, and that was so tedious and I said why don’t we just do reviews on video? So we came up with the idea of pornstars reviewing the movies while masturbating on camera. It’s been a hit so far and we just added Gianna Lynn.
X: Great idea. And I love Gianna, she’s hot.
T: She’s super sweet too.
X: And she’s smart too. I know you are doing a review on The Munsters, what did you think of the movie?
T: I like how you could watch it in black and white or color. I watched in black and white. So I want to go back and check out  the Lee Stone and Roxy DeVille as Herman and Lilli scene.
X: You have to watch that in color so you can see them in green. Lee’s muscles look hot.
T: It was a good movie.
X: What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
(Teagan turns to Josh and says which one? Of course it was with you)
X: You are so sweet.
Josh: Sex is really good every time.
T: Thank you babe.
Josh: How about sex in Tampa, that was good.
T: We rented a porn movie in the hotel and we start off watching it but we don’t see much of it because we get distracted.
X: Wait. You RENTED a porn movie?
T: Yeah. We always do that when we get hotel rooms. We rented one when we were out in Vegas and then we ran out on the film charges because they were such assholes to us. And we got a bill in the mail for it. (laughs).
X: How much did they charge you?
T: Fourteen ninety-nine.
X: I have to use that for a headline, Teagan runs out on the bill for renting porn movies.
T: (laughs) Well they messed up our reservation and they made us wait for three hours, and we didn’t give them a credit card or anything so I figured that is what you get for such poor customer service. But they called the people who made the reservation and got our information.
X: So they tracked you down for fifteen dollars.
T: Yep. Anyway when we were in Tampa we rented a movie.
X: What one was it?
T: I have no idea.
X: So you must of watched a lot of it (laughs)
T: We kind of order one almost everywhere we go. The worst is when you have to call downstairs and tell them that you ordered an adult movie and it’s not coming on.
X: I’m not surprised Josh makes YOU call.
T: (laughs). So we ordered a movie and ended up having sex for eight hours.
X: So you spent a whole day in the hotel fucking your brains out.
T: Yeah. And we had the girl from a club that I danced at bring over vibrators and stuff to my hotel room. They had a little boutique there. She brought me a butt plug and a vibrator.
X: You know I could mail you some movies and toys to bring with you on your travels. But I guess then you have to bring all that stuff through the airport and worry about them taking it out.
T: When I was traveling to Berlin a couple years ago, the movie company needed to bring this big black dildo. So they had me put it in my suitcase to go to Germany. They must have opened it up and were like what the hell. No one ever asked for it back and I kept it on my shelf for years. It was still sitting on my shelf when I moved.
X: So what is your favorite toy?
T: The only one that I use if I am masturbating by myself is called Teagan’s magic wand.
X: If it has your name on it you should get a free life-time supply!
T: I had a whole bunch of samples and they were still in the boxes and then some friends helped me pack up my house and I never ended up getting that stuff.
X: Well that’s a cheap way to pay movers.
T: True.
X: What is the funniest thing you have done lately, having to do with sex?
T: I had this roll of bondage tape, and I used it to stick a toy to myself. (laughs, Josh is laughing in the background)
X: Stick a toy to yourself? What exactly do you mean by that?
(They are both cracking up in the background. Teagan asks Josh if he wants to explain what she means, and he says no, not really.)
X: Josh, come on, talk dirty to me.
Josh: I don’t even remember why this was occurring so I can’t give you the details. But I’m not telling the story, it’s as embarrassing as shit.
T: He’s turning red right now. We had a speculum. Like what the doctor uses when you are pregnant. It wasn’t like pretty plastic, it was metal like the doctor’s office. So I put it in me and I wouldn’t stay in. So I had Josh tape the speculum to me. I wrapped the tape around my waist and around my legs and I came out and said Honey I am ready. When he walked in  I was fingering myself with the speculum. It was fun.
X: It sounds like you keep things interesting. Where you doing this for a video review?
T: No, just for the fun of it.
X: Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
T: I don’t think I have sex in a lot of weird places. My high school sweetheart worked at Pizza Hut, and we had sex on the dough table. You know where they roll out the dough.
X: That’s a pretty weird place, and  funny. So do you get recognized when you go grocery shopping and stuff?
Josh: We don’t go grocery shopping.
T: Josh doesn’t really like to eat in the house.
X: So you go out to eat?
T: Yeah. But we went to Disney and this guy who was with his wife must have recognized me because he stopped and kept starring at me. When we got on a ride he was behind us and he was taking pictures of us. It was kind of creepy.
X: And his wife doesn’t even notice he is starring at you. What are some quirky things about you that your fans wouldn’t know?
T: Everybody already knows I stutter. I’ve had it since kindergarten.
X: I don’t hear it.
T: It happens if I am nervous or trying to talk in a hurry or sometimes it just comes out.
X: Do you eat anything weird?
T: Josh gets on me about this. I have little phobias about things I will and won’t eat. I don’t like to try anything new. And Josh will say how do you know you don’t like this if you’ve never tried it, and I’ll say I just know.
X: So Josh, what does she eat that is weird.
Josh: She eats jalapeños on everything. It’s not that she eats anything weird. It’s that she is very selective in a neurotic way about what she will and won’t eat. Like she won’t eat cheese on hamburgers at certain fast food places. And if they do put cheese on it, she won’t eat it. And she’ll say she is allergic to cheese. But she’s not because she eats cheese in other places and eats cheese on pizza.
T: Because it hurts my tummy
X: And you have a problem with that Josh? (laughs) Maybe she is secretly kosher and can’t eat cheese and meat together.
Josh: She’s not Jewish. I’m Jewish and I don’t eat that way.
X: Sounds like she has some OCD.
Josh: Oh, she is definitely down with OCD.
X: That makes your house cleaner.
Josh: No. That doesn’t happen to be one of her OCD things. She skipped right over that one. Another thing that is not on that OCD list is doing the laundry.
(everyone is laughing)
X: So since this will be in the December issue what do you guys want for Christmas?
Josh: I want Teagan to win Pet of the Year for next Christmas.
T: I don’t know what I want.
Josh: How about the convertible Bentley you want?
T: The Bentley is a goal. I want to go on a vacation.
Josh: We’ll probably go on one this month.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
T:  Everybody thought because I wasn’t doing boys that I was out of the business and everything and I’m not. I’m very much involved in the industry whether I am doing the red carpet interviewing people, or doing the review website, or doing girl/girl scenes. When I feature, I can’t wait to go and meet all the people. People write me on myspace and then they come and see me. So please look and see if I am coming to a strip club near them.

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