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An Upset Colonel Rob Writes LIB

NL-Colonel Rob Sent Me An E-Mail That He Is Upset That Someone Is Using The Name The Colonel And Posting Negative Comments Under That Name. Colonel Rob Wants Everyone To Know That It’s Not Him Posting These Comments.

Here’s His E-Mail (It Was In ALL CAPS, I Changed That, added paragraphs and did a quick spell check to make it easier to read)

Howdy i just herd that Luke no longer has a part in this site. I got calls this morning in regards to someone using my name on your site! I know its impossible for you to check out any references or fake emails sent to you!

Let me introduce myself in case you are nit familiar with my credentials! I have been o proud x rated director for the past 15 yrs. Before i got the reins to make my own products! I spent over 10yrs doing every thing tech wise for such greats as Russ Meyer, Radley Medsker, Ron or Henri Pachard and many others! I have always been a rock in this industry and have certainly moved on as they say but still at every opportunity have done nothing more than support this industry! They have always been kind to me!

Let me say this that as you know things have changed quite dramatically over the past 10 yrs.! I know I have never burned a bridge ask anyone whose been around maybe not recently but talk to those who have given their lives and as  I personally know their freedoms at times! We were the ones who faced going to jail for this industry!

I am peeved because first off Luke whom I’ve known over 10yrs would know such nasty foul comments that this person who calls himself “the colonel” would not have come from me! I would of gotten a call and heads up by Luke! But I did not know that he was not involved in what I call scandalous lies!

My moniker is well known and I never just sign the colonel! But you would have no way of known this! My apologies to you did not get your name? But I personally have never in this industry paid much attention to what rumor flies around me! But this was outrageous enough for people to contact me on this matter and I want the right to at least defend my very good name! I do think you should know that at least people are reading your stuff! that’s cool for you!

But please give me the right to at least say something direct from the horses mouth I know people will do things when they think they can get to you! But as I said I take my legend quite seriously!

And this coward if they want to make remarks at least be man or woman enough to use their name instead of getting a kick out of screwing with me and if you really think about it you also! Because once people know the facts it makes you look bad by not doing at least slight back up of who is sending this kind of trash to you!

Once again I know you cant keep up with all the loonies out their! But I respect that you have responded and hopefully will do right of course as you see fit! Isn’t this job a bitch sometimes!? Thank you for your time!

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