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Anaconda on Margold, Roter & Tobalina



Introducing my new, old skool friend, who will go by the name Anaconda. He will spout off his opinions from time to time, when and if he feels like it. He’s a porn industry insider who has had a long and fruitful shelf life, and he wishes to keep it that way.

I mentioned Margold (after the XXXWRTW fiasco)  in one of my e-mails to Anaconda, here’s his response-

Bill Margold is an idiot.  I heard an interview with him in a documentary I believe was called Mondo Sexualis USA, saying that when he came he thought about himself.  He is not an attractive man.
The biggest achievement Margold ever did in his life aesthetically, was appear in some of the Carlos Tobalina movies and the late Ted Roter’s movies. 

Ted made the crossover between soft and hardcore and directed a softcore (nearly hard) classic called “Norma (she isn’t quite normal)”….alot of Roter’s hardcore movies are terrible,  like Hollywood She Wolves, but he, well, tried. He thought he was some sort of John Cassavettes of porn, a label I would more willingly bestow on Gerry Damiano.

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