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Anal Tips from Nina Elle

These videos aren’t anything new, but just in case you need another pornstar explaining to you how to do another sex act, we’ve definitely got you covered. In this video, we have two lovely anal virgins sitting on the bed with pornstar Nina Elle, who gives them a few tips on what to prepare for when they lose their anal virginity.

So here we have Brooke Wylde and Chloe Amour’s debut into the anal world. It starts with what appears to be a cute little lesbian sleepover. We know what happens when three girls are on a bed together.

You’re still going to want to watch the video, but if you’re in a rush and you need your butt hole prepared right now, she explains that you’re going to want to eat prior to doing anal, because it’s hard work taking a dick in the ass!

You’re going to want to clean your ass, duh! Make sure that no remnants of excrement remains. Give it a good go in the shower before.

It’s really only a three step process. The last step—you should be able to guess, but in case you haven’t—you’re going to want to excessively lube up your asshole. Dripping wet is the key to it when you’re expecting to have something slide in seamlessly.

She also suggests, if you have time, to practice loosening your asshole with your fingers and butt plugs moving up the sizes until you think you’re ready to experience the final act.

So now you have all the tips you could ever possibly need if you’re looking to try anal for the first time, or it just hasn’t been working out for you prior to reading this or watching the video.

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Happy learning!

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