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Anarchy Films Update

Joe writes:

Anarchy Films is back on the spot light again, and I have to update you with more information on them: the company is broke, in turmoil, and out of control. Guy, the older of Ovadia brothers, has turned into a depressed, nervous, full blown drug addict who will burn anything and anybody just to get his next fix. They don’t pay, because they don’t have any money. they have reduced thier releases to one title a month, and even their monthly titles are not new features, they’re odd comps containing scenes which were shot years ago, and cheap scenes they have bought from freelancers; even though many of those freelancers never got paid. No producer releases through Anarchy and their distribution arm, Fifth Element anymore, because they have ripped off every single one of them. Must adult agencies including LA Direct Models do not book any performers for them, because they do not pay. I dare one producer, or director, or performer to come across and say one positive thing about them. Even Leah Luv is pissed off, because she works at their office as the production maneger/secretary/phone operator, and is not getting paid properly. One of my fellow producers told me she had to call him to borrow some money from him. These people are at the end of their ropes, abandoned, broke, and disgraced. A scary example of how a mismanaged company can go to hell, and take everybody with it.

James DiGiorgio writes:

I shoot monthly for Anarchy. It’s a line called “Playing with _______.” It’s an interactive. I’ve shot about 40 or 50 volumes of this title over the past few years. I just shot another volume about a week or so ago. They’ve never welched on paying me. I get paid each month for my services. The checks always clear. I can’t speak for the problems others say they have with them, I can only speak from personal experience. And my experiences with them don’t include anything like what’s being reported on your site.

Joe replies:

So, Mr. James DiGiorgio has shot 50 volumes of Playing with… for Anarchy. interesting, because if you check Anarchy Films DVD catalogue at, you will see that only 27 Playing with… titles are listed, which were produced between December 2005-May 2007. There hasn’t been a new Playing with… title for 2 months, and considering that interactive movies are among the cheapest movies to produce, the fact that Anarchy can not even afford to keep up with their interactive line, is another sign of their eminent decline. Now, every dog struggles to get his daily bone, so I’m not surprised to see how James DiGiorgio tries to defend his masters. The only question remains: If he has shot 50 volumes of Playing with… for Anarchy, while there has been only 27 volumes out, where is the rest of the footage he has shot?! Perhabs the reason that Anarchy so shamelessly keeps on avoiding to pay performers and directors and ripping off producers, is to be able to afford to pay Mr. DiGiorgio promptly.

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