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Anarchy Update

Anarchy Pictures hired all 5 Milfs for their current Milf title through Lisa Ann’s agency, the movie is currently out and not one milf was paid. They blamed this on the accountant and said the check would be here at 11am. once Lisa Ann rang. Well, agressive Lisa Ann was there waiting at 11am and once she arrived their excuse was they sent it with UPS, very fishy…

May 21 Update: Lisa Ann calls to say she’s been paid.

A porner who’s worked with Anarchy says: “Luke, Anarchy Films doesn’t care, and perhabs can’t afford to pay what they owe to the people, whether it’s the producer, director or performer. They don’t pay anybody in a proper manner. If you work with them or for them, it will take several months and all kinds of fabricated bullshit and lies untill you get paid, if ever. Guy Ovadia, the owner, has no respect whatsoever for female performers. He occasionally refers to them as cock sucking, drug junkie, STD infected whores. The truth is that today the adult industry is saturated by all kinds of cutthroat sharks and rascals. But anybody who has come to contact with Anarchy Films, knows that these people are the worst of the worst.”

“I’ve known lots of people who’ve worked with them and I’ve not heard one good thing about them. These people are sharks.”

“I don’t want the same thing that happened to me to happen to someone else. I’ve already lost money and time. Working with these people was a great loss to me.”

“Fifth Element, the distribution company, started when the Ovadias teamed up with Jodie and James Melendy (who invested one-third into the company) in late 2005. After a year, the Melendys left the company. They complained that the Ovadias were not paying them (only $300 a week) and were keeping the numbers secret. The producers Fith Element dealt with seemed unhappy and there was constant drama.

“The Melendys set up Black Market, which specializes in interracial and black movies.

“The Melendys are taking Fifth Element to court.”

“The Ovadias would typically tell a producer, we’ll replicate 3,000 units of your title. Producers became suspicious that the Ovadias would replicate more than 3,000 and sell them cheaply. That’s why some of the cheapest new releases are Anarchy and Fifth Element titles.”

“Fifth Element seems to do everything they can to avoid paying royalties. Richard from Eruption Films signed a distribution deal with Fifth Element in January. He released several titles. The first check he received was after three months and it was for less than one thousand dollars.”

“Josh and Nicki Hunter shot a movie for Anarchy. After it was finished, Anarchy wouldn’t pay and Josh and Nicki had to pay everyone from their own pockets.”

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