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AND Cindy is dating and supporting Ryan Knox says Sophia

UPDATE- Psycho Cunt aka Butterfly aka Jade aka Sophia Mounds will be called Sophia from now on


This first paragraph is taken from my story on , and has been changed for the worse (keep reading, its gets better)

I am known, as a nice writer who’s been doing porn for a long time. I am nice, sometimes! Some say I am TOO nice. I will  show you how evil, I can be when I write. No, Luke Ford doesn’t write on Luke is back anymore, I do.  If you want controversial stories, with really good flaming wars, check it out! If it’s too scary, you can always come back here to Cindynakedtruth, my nice side, lol.

This is going to get a little confusing, but bear with me. The above paragraph, along with the below story are from a blog written by someone with an e-mail address that starts with Lost Butterfly Hottie. Since this person says I called her a crazy-chick, it is the same person who sent me an e-mail with a myspace page where she named herself Psycho Cunt. The e-mail’s Subject is Sophie Mounds although it comes from someone named Jade. I didn’t publish the e-mails she sent me because she basically said lots of crazy shit about  Jeremy Steele, Ryan Knox, Mike, and Justin ( no last names on the last two because I don’t know if they are their real names or if they are in porn and it’s their porn names.) ANYWAY, Sophie Butterfly Jade Psycho Cunt didn’t like that I didn’t print her whole e-mails ( which I will now send to the above guys so they can see what she is spreading) because they were so full of statements that could get her ( and me ?) sued. I told her she could leave her e-mails as a comment on LIB, but I guess that wasn’t good enough, SO she started her own blog and is writing about ME now. THere are four “stories”.    I am one story,  and the other three have been rewritten ( VERY BADLY) from information on LIB  Here’s ME- story number one.

Hi this is the Creator of, the wonderful world of porn.  I have a huge problem with Luke is back. Why? Because it is run by a bitch, named Cindy. Who didn’t run my-side of the story in the post I sent her , because she is having sex and living with my x-Ryan Knox. Cindy called me a crazy-chick, that I could not write or spell and that I must have been drunk when I wrote the post, to have written what I sent her! How do I know Ryan is seeing Cindy? Because I checked his comment’s area months ago on my space. Cindy a.k.a, Luke is back, left a comment for Ryan telling him she missed him.  So I sent her a message on my space telling her, that Ryan is fucking nut’s!  You think that, that would of been enough for the stupid bitch.  Guess not! So she fucked up my post and now is financially supporting Ryan Knox, he left a message on (xxx porn talk) saying; “ that he’s a fucking looser, who can-not take care of himself, who needs to be taken care of”. So (Cindy not Luke) supports Ryan Knox.  Ryan Knox drives, by my work in a very expensive car, that she is paying for! She fucked up my post, because she is a jealous, evil, bitch, who’s just mad, because Ryan sent me a letter, telling me to move in with my dad and how very, very, much he loved me. She’s just as nut’s as Ryan is! Don’t write this bitch anything! She’s a hater! Who uses (And) to start sentences, that’s retarded. Don’t waste your time. She can’t write. Compare the two posts ! The only thing that’s better in the two posts, is that mine is just better and makes sense.

Butterfly hottie

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