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And now for something completely different. . .Time to LOL

Hyberion Writes- Usually in my role of helping to keep the site up and running- I do not participate much in any of the discussions on here, mostly because I feel I have nothing to contribute to the topics at hand.  I have offered up comments here and there, but apart from the occasional piece of site news, I’ve never posted on here.

So with Cindi’s permission, I am making this unprecedented intrusion into the ongoing conversations to offer up something…well . ..a little different.

In this brief offering, completely off subject and in no way connected to anything else that is going on in this site, I bring to you something that is a moment of complete and honest humor involving only three participants:

1) Mark Cawridine- A well known nature photographer, best known in the states for the book “Last Chance to See” and a frequent activist for endangered species.

2) Stephen Fry –  A well known actor and writer.

3) The Kakapo– A well known flightless parrot who is best known for being extremely endangered.

It is a moment of pure, natural comedy, which contains no smug irony, isn’t trying to sell anything, and has nothing more contrived than a bunch of people trying to take a picture of a bird. It also proves once again, that almost anything said with a British accent is funny. Please enjoy it in the spirit in which it is offered- sharing  what Douglas Adams once called “The Sublime Joy of Silliness”. Thanks.

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