‘And Now We Drink’ Podcast Features Rocky Emerson in a Thrilling Remote Show

rocky emerson

(LOS ANGELES, Calif. / June 11, 2020) — Tattooed superstar Rocky Emerson makes her return on the latest episode of Matt Slayer’s popular And Now We Drink podcast.

The always charming adult star and host Matt Slayer caught up during this remote episode. Where they talked about how Rocky has been spending the Pandemic, her plans for her porn and travel once it’s safe to do so.  “Rocky is the best, I always have a blast making silly jokes with her. She’s so well-traveled I could compare travel stories with her for hours” Slayer said.

“Matt’s Show is always fun!! This is the third time I’ve been on and I can’t wait to do it again in person with a white claw in hand.” said Rocky.


“The Pandemic sadly is still going strong, so I’m continuing to play it safe and plan on doing remote shows until the FSC production hold is lifted. It’s the responsible thing to do.” added Slayer

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