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And Sophia rewrites my Trina Michaels and Tina Tyler stories, but mixes them together “Tina Michaels”


UPDATE- Psycho Cunt aka Butterfly aka Jade aka Sophia Mounds will be called Sophia from now on

NL- I think I should offer SBJPC a job blogging for LIB! Looks like she read my story on Trina Michaels going into wrestling and Tina Tyler having done her last four scenes, but when she re-wrote them for her site, she mixed them together and invented a new porn star, and a new story…. Comedy at it’s finest…


SBJPC writes on her NEW BLOG-

(UPDATE-Her blog has now been changed to the correct name and picture, but she still has the facts mixed together, the story below is the original)

Tina Micheal’s is throwing in the towel.  But is going for another 4 movies. Available Friday the 26th. Tina Micheal’s/female porn star, is going into pro-wrestling and is going to kick-ass! No more gang-bangs for Tina, but she’s having a tough time figuring out if she wants to stay in porn.  She just LOVES pro-wrestling. So that’s what Tina wants to do! Be a kick-ass pro-wrestler! Tina’s not sure if she’s really retiring from porn.  She just loves pro-wrestling and she will not be back in porn any-time soon. Tina’s been a fan of wrestling for 8 years! So that’s what Tina’s going to do become a pro-wrestler. She’s become great friends with the people on WWE and TNA, (total, none stop, action). She’s been training for 3 month’s.  Tina hopes all her fan’s will follow her to the ring. Plus she wants to be a feature in strip club’s. She is leaving to the east-coast, for pro-wrestling training.  Tina has earned her respect, with other wrestlers, because she is very passionate about pro-wrestling training!

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