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And The TRPWL Mom Of The Year Award Goes To……….Mercedes Carrera

Yesterday, Mercedes, thru a very unlikely spokesman, released a statement in which she claimed the sexual assault allegations were contrived by a vindictive Ex:

Last week, my husband and I was arrested on charges of molesting my 9 year old daughter, the absolute worst crime I can imagine. The charges were filed by her father, my ex-partner (a fundamentalist Christian). He is trying to take custody of our child from me. The charges are absolutely false and horrifying, and a last ditch effort to keep me from contact with my daughter for the rest of my life. I am so worried for her. Her life is shattered. Life will never be the same for any of us. We are struggling to make sense of this nightmare. This is a no bail offense, so we are stuck in jail until we are cleared. We are facing decades in prison and do not even have money for a lawyer. We do not know what to do, but I ask that you all know me for who I am, and know that neither I nor my husband would ever, ever do anything like this to any child, let alone my beloved daughter.

Supermom forgot to mention the meth and loaded weapons.

Parents who love their kids don’t usually keep meth around, certainly don’t keep loaded weapons laying around.

How much would her childs life be shattered if the kid OD’d on mommies dope, or accidentally discharged a weapon?

As of this writing, I can’t find any open court cases that support her claim the ex is trying to get get custody of the child.

It is possible thats whats going on? Of course, it happens every day…

But she can’t explain the drugs, and that alone is enough to get a child removed from your house.. If the ex was really as vindictive as she claims, there wouldn’t of been ANY drugs in that house. Once drug use is alleged, testing can and does become of a custody agreement, why take that risk?

Sorry Brad, I hope I’m not being to judgemental



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