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Andy San Dimas- A Glee-ful Angel!

NL-Andy San Dimas has gone far, fast in the porn world. Andy is talented, sexy, beautiful, smart, and has a good heart. So far those qualities have gotten her several lead roles in big budget movies. Two in particular come to mind, Hustler’s parody of Glee ( Where she SINGS TOO) and X-Play’s parody of Charlie’s Angels.

Lexi Swallow, Sunny Leone and Andy San Dimas beat out over 130 girls to become X-Play’s Not Charlie’s Angels playing the parts made famous by Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.  Andy plays the smart and sexy Kate. I asked her about the movie…

Cindi: Could you please tell me what was great about making Charlie’s Angels? What was fun? What was funny?

ANDY: For me the funniest part was my wardrobe compared to everyone elses…I was wearing crocheted rainbow turtlenecks while all of the other Girls were in skin tight cleavage bearing jumpsuits. I also wore a bobbed wig…it got caught on my dress and almost came off during my sex  scene (which was amazing btw). It was my first time working with Will Ryder and Scott, and we had a lot of fun. It was also my first time with my 2 co stars, newcomer Lexi (Swallow)  and superstar Sunny (Leone), who were both dolls. I can’t wait to see the finished product! We all worked so hard..

Cindi: I got a good feeling about you. I think you are gonna be the next big thing Honey!

ANDY: Awww thank you ? that means a lot to me! i just genuinely love what i do.


NL-Andy also grabbed one of the lead roles & the boxcover in Hustler’s This Ain’t Glee


As a new genre in porn is created—the porn musical—the This Ain’t Glee XXX parody is nothing if not absolutely brilliant. So many basic human needs are fulfilled in this film: the need to see gorgeous naked women, the need to see gorgeous naked women having sex, and the need to break out in to song when the moment is right.  With McKenzee Miles, Alexa Nicole, and Tara Lynn Fox all dressed in tiny cheerleader uniforms and Andy San Dimas playing the nice and VERY naughty role of Rachel, all necessary pleasures of the mind, body and soul are fulfilled in Hustler Video’s parody, This Ain’t Glee XXX.

“Oh yeah, I had a blast!” boasts This Ain’t Glee XXX parody star Andy San Dimas. “A couple of weeks before we started shooting we all went to a professional recording studio for a day and recorded the songs that were later used in the film. I felt so sexy and professional! Like I was Lady Gaga or Britney.” When asked what other porn musical she’d like Hustler Video to do in the future San Dimas said, “Well, my mom really likes Jesus Christ Super Star, but I was always a big fan of Fiddler on the Roof.”

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