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Andy San Dimas- Exclusive- ” No and I don’t rob banks…” Pt 1

NL-We did this interview right before the AVN awards. I forecast that Andy would win a big award and I did pretty well guessing  some winners. The whole interview is good though. Andy is just COOL. Read it for yourself.

She wanted to be a porn star when she was young, and her dream job has come true. She’s done over a hundred movies in the past year alone. With natural acting skills honed, a tight slim all-real body, and a beautiful face, she has put herself on the list of most sought after stars. The AVN award nominations she has received this year are too numerous to mention, and there are still more award ceremonies to come. She has already neared the top and still has so much potential to build on. Andy San Dimas is going to be 2011’s porn Super Star!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos by Stills By Alan & Hustler
©2011 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: I don’t think you could have gotten any more AVN Award nominations.
Andy: No I don’t think I could’ve gotten any more either. But one that would have been cool is girl/girl couple sex, because I feel like I did a lot of really good girl/girl scenes. But I am more than excited and honored to receive the staggering number of nominations that I did. I was not expecting that many. I wanted two. I wanted Performer of the Year, which I don’t think I am going to win. But it will probably be another Spiegler girl so I am happy for her.
X: Are you thinking Asa Akira?
A: Yes, probably her or Kristina Rose.
X: I think you are right that you three are in strong contention, along with Tory Black. I do think it will be one of you four. But I am guessing it will be you.
A: I don’t think it will be me. I think I will win best actress honestly for Glee XXX.

X: You sang in Glee, right?
A: Yes I did. I sang in it and it was my real voice.
X: Tell me about singing in Glee.
A: It was a lot of fun. I went to meet Axel (Braun, Glee’s director) and he just happened to be having auditions for Glee. I wanted to be in that, but I didn’t know that I had to sing until right before I got there. I walked into the Hustler studios and I see all these girls there with headphones on reading lyrics and practicing. I was like, oh shit, this is serious. It was like the American Idol tryouts. I didn’t have anything prepared. So I was thinking what can I sing that will showcase my vocal ability. So I walked in there and they are filming all of it. If you watch the clip they have on YouTube, I am the only girl wearing just a bra on the auditions. It’s because it was the day Corey Haims died and I was wearing a Lost Boys shirt. They didn’t want to have to blur that out, so I took it off.
X: So what did you sing?
A: I sang “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”
X: (Laughs)
A: (Laughs) From the Lion King, and they just loved it. I think that was the style of singing they were looking for, show tunes. And I looked like the character from Glee. So I got that part totally by accident. So that was fun.
X: And you ended up singing one of the songs that Drew Rose wrote?
A: I sang two songs that Drew wrote and got nominated for.
X: So you got nominated for the songs too.
A: Well technically no, because I didn’t write the songs. But in my heart I feel like I had a little bit to do with it because I sang it. I hope he wins. The songs are really good. At Exxxotica my fans kept coming up to me and saying they couldn’t get “Big Tushy Ho’s” out of their heads.
X: That’s funny. They are really good songs. Well you might just win a bunch of the awards you are nominated for. I wanted you on this cover because I do think you are going to win.
A: I know I have a lot of people rooting for me. But I think a lot of times the people from AVN like to honor those that do anal, which I haven’t done yet. I will probably do it next year, but only a very limited number of scenes. I don’t want to become an anal queen or anything. I would just like to do a few to please my fans, plus I am interested in it and I would like to have an anal movie next year.
X: (Laughs) Well I am sure many people are glad to hear that. Personally, my vote is not determined by if someone does anal. But we will look forward to that.
A: (Laughs) In case the world comes to an end I will have done it.

X: What other things have you not done, that you want to do? I was going to ask you what do you see in your future plans. A contract?
A: I have been in discussions this year about different contracts, but in the end if I wasn’t to get a contract that would be totally fine with me because I am happy with the different types of work I have been able to do. Having a contract may not be beneficial to me right now because of the large selection of work I prefer to do. I have ADHD way too bad to always be around the same crew when I work.
X: I think you will make more money right now as an independent because you work so much.
A: I was going to say that too. I make more money not contracted, but the star power of being a contract girl is just insane.
X: Well I think you should keep working a ton like you are, until you get sick of doing four or five scenes a week, and then you should get a contract so you can shoot just once of twice a month.
A: Yeah, having a day off would be nice. I like to keep my apartment moderately clean, and right now it looks like a tornado hit it because I haven’t had time.
X: Well you have a roommate, make Chad clean it.
A: I think he’s moving out soon because girls won’t date him because he lives with me and they want me to like them. I’m a cock block for him. I’m really a nice person, not the way I come across on twitter. My sarcasm doesn’t translate well on the internet.

X: So you are not a gang-banger and you don’t beat people up. (Laughs) I got that off twitter.
A: No and I don’t rob banks or ride a motorcycle to the grocery story, which is what someone else wrote about me. It also said I had been in prison for robbing banks and I was a devil worshipper.
X: That’s funny. I think we all know that stuff isn’t true. I hear we have some mutual friends and you spent Thanksgiving with them.
A: With Teagan Presley and her family and I just met Nina Mercedez and Ray. It was a nice day. Whenever Teagan comes out to L.A. to shoot she stays with me.
X: You have great taste in friends!

Part 2 coming up soon

You can read the whole interview and see the naked layout here

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