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Andy San Dimas- Exclusive- pt 2 “I think it’s cause I look like a bitch.”

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Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos by Stills By Alan & Hustler
©2011 Xcitement Magazine


X: On to Charlie’s Angels, where you play Sabrina. It’s directed by our buddy Will Ryder. Will thinks you are great.
A: At first he wasn’t interested in seeing me in any of his productions because of my tattoos, and I look pretty alternative in my regular life. He didn’t think I would work well in one of his parodies. Then he got an email from the people who did Malice in LaLaLand saying that I was really good and gave a killer performance.
X: So in Charlie’s Angels you play the smart girl, the Kate Jackson role.
A: Yes, Sabrina Duncan.
X: Who did you have sex with in that movie?
A: Seth Gamble and Cassandra Cruz.
X: I love Seth Gamble.
A: He was a doll. He’s a really nice guy and a good performer and super cute.
X: I agree. How is he at fucking?
A: He is pretty good. I am not used to working with guys that are younger than me. Whenever I find out I am working with a younger guy I get really stoked. The guy I banged yesterday was really cute, Zander Corbin, he looks like Justin Timberlake. I think he is going to blow up because he is really good, super young and really good-looking. They didn’t have a name for the movie yet, but it was my first fake Latina movie.

X: So you are a fake Latina now?
A: I think they were confused by my last name, I am tan and have black hair. I am half Native American and half German. Lots of people think I am Latin. But when I showed up it was a low-rider, chola kinda movie.
X: Bueno Mami! How did you like doing Malice? I think it’s funny that you were in two Alice in Wonderland movies.
A: I was in two Batman movies too. In Malice I was the evil queen. I got nominated for that which was cool. I’m trying to poison Sasha (Grey, who played Alice) and I stick this big needle in her ass cheek, then I had a sex scene in this haunted hospital that mainstream uses too. I know it was in Six Feet Under. We did our scene and fucked in the morgue.
X: Oh that’s cool.
A: I thought it was really cool too, to have sex in a morgue. I never want to go to the morgue ever again.
X: Did you get to have sex with Sasha?
A: No I was hoping I would. But I had sex with Danny Mountain, Chase Evans and Chris Johnson and that’s nominated for best group sex.
X: Almost ever big thing you have done is nominated for something. So how was shooting Sunny Lane’s Alice?
A: That was a totally different vibe. I was the white Rabbit, so I didn’t have to be the bitch, which I usually play in everything I am in.
X: But why?
A: I think it’s cause I look like a bitch.
X: I don’t think you look like a bitch. Do you come across as a bitch?
A: Maybe on Twitter I do. I’m really dry. Whenever I get a script I’ll get all excited and then I’ll read my characters description and it will say the bitch everybody hates. (Laughs) It’s usually Tory Black-good guy, me-bad guy. Fine because I like playing the bad guy.

X: But in Alice, the White Rabbit is nice.
A: Yeah.
X: Who did you have sex with?
A: I did a girl/girl scene with Aiden Starr and we were in a nightclub. Both Alice movies were surreal, but this one was more costume”y” There was more of a fun giggly vibe to it. Malice was more like Quentin Tarantino.
X: Dark.
A: Yeah, dark. And Alice was more fun cast, fun script.
X: Well that’s because you can’t have a dark movie if Sunny Lane is the star of it.
A: That was my first time working with her. She was just a doll to work with. And it was cool because I had seen her years before on Cat House.
X: How did you like filming Creature Feature and working with Lizzy Borden?
A: I thought Lizzy was really awesome. I loved being on set with her. She was super cool and said nothing but wonderful things about me, which I really appreciate. But I had no idea that she was the girl that was locked up for obscenity. I just didn’t put it together while we were there. I can’t imagine being in a jail cell for something that any of us could’ve gotten arrested for.

X: It’s ridiculous. So you did two Batmans also.
A: Batman XXX for Axel Braun.
X: Which is actually my favorite movie of the year.
A: I can see why that is everyone’s favorite movie. Because I didn’t even watch the sex in it, I only watched the plot, because I couldn’t wait to get my copy, so I watched it on Youtube with no sex. There are so many comments on it that are positive.
X: You have to tell me again about the funny thing that happened to you there.
A: I had an eleven A.M. call time on Saturday. And it was Easter Sunday, the next day, at 5:30A.M. that I did my sex scene. I was woken up by Randy Spears who was dressed in full ‘60’s Joker regalia and make up.
X: That must have scared the crap out of you.
A: It did, because I had one of those moments where you fall asleep somewhere different and you forget where you have fallen asleep and you wake up and expect to be in your room, not on a porn set with a man dressed as the Joker waking you up to tell you it is time to go have sex with him. So that was kind of funny.
X: So how was sex with the Joker?
A: Sex with the Joker was good.
X: Nice to wake up with. Hope you got some coffee also. What about your other Bat movie BatFxxx?
A: I had no idea I was going to be in that movie. Bluebird booked me for one day and I never know what I am getting into with Bluebird. I’ll get there and they’ll say today you are doing a six-person orgy. I like doing those because it’s not like a gangbang, it’s just swapping partners. It’s just fun to me. I don’t do gangbangs, just not something I desire to do. I like feeling like a slut, but I don’t like feeling like a piece of meat. Anyway, I showed up and they said you are doing a boy/girl/girl for Batfxxx. I said wait I thought you guys had finished filming this movie, because it was so long after the trailer had been out for it. They said no, it’s a pick up scene with Mr. Pete and Janey James. He’s two-Face, you’re the devil and she’s the angel and he’s having twisted thoughts and you guys are fucking him. So that was interesting because it was one of the hottest days on set, temperature wise. It was summer, and that studio was unbearable to be in. It had to be over a hundred degrees in there and we can’t turn any A/C on (because of the noise). Poor Mr. Pete has this really intricate Two-Face makeup on, and a contact in his eye that took him forever to get in, and he’s sweating. He’s wearing a suit and a wig and sweating and sweating, and he can’t take any of it off. He ended up sweating makeup into his eye with the contact lens in it. He did the scene like that and pulled it off. He was in so much pain he ended up going to the hospital after the scene. He had this super bad eye infection from doing it. So BatFxxx was pretty interesting and I didn’t even know I was doing it, until I got there.

X: What is your favorite movie that you have ever done?
A: I don’t know that is really hard. I don’t really watch my movies unless there is a lot of dialog.
X: If someone didn’t know you, and you could give them one movie to see what you are like, which one would it be?
A: I used to say On My Dirty Knees, but I think my body has improved since then. And I think I have improved as a performer since then. “Porn Star Bootcamp” was a really fun movie and so was “Stripper Diaries”, for Zero Tolerance.

X: So do you like doing Gonzo or Feature movies better?
A: I like acting better.
X: You are very good at it.
A: I like it just because it is fun to be someone else.
X: What is the hottest sex scene you have ever done? Describe…
A: I just did a scene for Bluebird and it was an orgy scene. When I got my cast list I was so excited because it had three of my favorite guys in it. Mr. Pete, because I am friends with Alexis (Texas) and him and we hang out together. Plus we like doing scenes together because we don’t take it too seriously. Danny Wylde, because he is one of my good friends and an excellent fuck. He is someone I would have sex with in real life. He knows exactly how I like to get fucked. I like to get fucked hard and dirty. That doesn’t happen often when I do parodies. Sometimes I just need a gonzo day to..
X: Get the shit fucked out of you.
A: Right. Get the shit fucked out of me and be treated like a rag doll. You have to get that every once in a while and Danny is very good at that. The third is Chris Johnson and he is just a pleasure to look at. He’s really hot. That was a good scene. That movie will be called Sprint. I’m the track coach.

X: What do you think about when you masturbate?
A: Nothing. (Laughs) I don’t think about things. It’s more like a physical thing that I know how to do to myself really quick. I can cum like six times in twenty minutes.
X: Wow.
A: And sometimes I end up doing it for two hours. I don’t think about anything. I clear my mind of all thought.
X: That’s very interesting. I guess we can end with a message for your fans.
A: My fans are amazing. I’d like to thank all of them for being so supportive of me.

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