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Andy SanDimas & The Unicorn Cop

thanks Ed

NL- Sounds like she was just trying to have some fun, geez…


Posing with porn star Andy San Dimas — while wearing a UNICORN HEAD — has a Pittsburgh cop in huge trouble, but San Dimas claims the whole booty-shaking mess is a giant misunderstanding.

This all went down last weekend during a Pirates game at PNC Park, where Andy says she was doing her best to get on the jumbotron … by shaking her ass in cut-off shorts, while wearing a unicorn head mask!

Awesome, right? Wrong … because Andy says when an usher asked her to sit down, she tried to rile up the crowd by shouting back, “Oh, I’m sorry I was trying to have a good time at the f**king Pirates game!”

Not smart … Andy was hauled off to the Pittsburgh PD station at the ballpark.

Andy says the cops were very friendly, and told her they had to boot her from the park — but not before one officer asked to try on the mask.


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