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Angela White Administers a ‘Full Body Physical Exam’ in Adult Time’s New ASMR Fantasy Series

Angela White

Adult Time introduces a brand-new series to indulge the senses, ASMR Fantasy, with its first scene, ‘Full Body Physical Exam’, available February 17 exclusively at

The immersive roleplay series – an adult twist on some of the most popular ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) themes – delves into the physical sensation of ‘brain tingling’ that usually begins in the scalp and moves down through the body, with many referring to the relaxing, often euphoric reactions to the distinctive sounds and visuals as an erotic fetish.

“ASMR is a fascinating cultural phenomenon! At Adult Time, we are very interested in going beyond traditional tropes and creating a wide range of series for adult audiences,” said Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer.

In ‘Full Body Physical Exam’, Angela White plays the good doctor, whispering seductively to the viewer, “I’m going to need you to get undressed” as she taps her doctor’s chart, squeezes the blood pressure monitor bulb and quietly rubs her gloved hands together.

“With ASMR Fantasy, our aim is to offer both a traditional ASMR roleplay experience to relax and stimulate people and offer a natural transition into a binaural sexual experience,” added Mills. “I can certainly say I have never heard sex like this before!”

To enjoy the full experience of ASMR Fantasy on the Adult Time specialty digital platform, visit and access the full library – over 60,000 scenes, 200 channels and 5+ new releases per day – of the network’s award-winning brands.

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