Angelina Jolie Amputates Both Breasts

The End Of An Era

Angelina Jolie amputates both her breasts.  A relatively drastic decision for a line of thinking that basically says, to amputate something that might get sick, rather than monitoring properly that thing, that might get sick.  The removal of breasts in order to avoid cancer, almost draws concerns to the fact that a whole class of cancers could get formed after you’re injured.  Post surgery and scar healing.  So breast removal creates another factor of risks for cancer.  She did this all based off of a gene test.

If you are at a high risk for breast cancer, you should not be eating high fructose foods, test and monitor your genes.  Amputating your breasts, is as severe as cutting your arms off, because a doctor said you could develop arm cancer.

Ethan Hawke has once said, “God created Angelina Jolie to make men weak.”  While I agreed with him at one point, I’m not so sure anymore.  Now, I’m not saying what she did was wrong, because this was her decision, and if Tyler Durdan himself couldn’t convince her otherwise, then I’m not so sure anyone else could.  What’s done is done as they say, no turning back now, but in the end I felt this post was important enough to write about and I think it’s essential to take the opposite stance on the subject.  If you take to google and read all the articles on this subject, everyone is very positive and supportive, which I understand fully on why, but I just needed to say all this because the particular genome that was in question, a company has filed for the patent basically not allowing any University or research team to research more about the particular gene that scared the shit out of Jolie in the first place.  THIS IS CRAZY!  Eventually the government will own us, and we will be fucked.

The gene in question is called the BRCA1 gene which Jolie does in fact carry and it is believed to carry a high risk of breast cancer.  The Biotech firm Myrid Genetics which is based out of Utah owns the patent to this gene.  What that exactly means is, no other firm is allowed (as of yet) to do further research on the BRCA1 gene, which caused Angelina to do what she did in the first place.

Hard money implications are at the base of all this, when Angelina made her decision, Myrid’s share price shot up.

The issue of patents and genetic technology is one of growing importance as a flood of companies enter the booming sector of scientific advancements and genetic manipulations.

Monsanto anyone?

Enjoy this picture gallery of pre surgery Angelina Jolie.  Press play on the video link for an appropriate musical accompaniment, that I believe speaks volumes on the subject.




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