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Anime Anyone? So Bad it’s Good.

I’m going to be watching and re-watching a lot of movies in order to make my votes for the AVN & other awards. I’ll give you a quick run down on what I think of each movie.


What is it about cartoon school girls with big eyes being attacked by supernatural beings with multiple dick appendages that gets me off? I really have no idea. But I guess I’m not the only one.

The Night When Evil Falls 1
Airtight torture and then reamed with a super sized dick. Bad dialog but at least it is in clear English.  “Pinch my foot”? lol  Several clips are replayed again and again. Too much of the same. The box description sounds better than the movie actually is. Only three sex scenes.

The NIght When Evil Falls 2
Clips from # 1 are reused in #2. But we have a serpent enema in this one, and she is tortured with it, and made to hold it in, and then let it all  out. Then she gets an anal fucking by the water monster.  And then a girl who grows a dick and fucks her girlfriend. Last up a demon with an extra big dick who gives it to her until she bleeds and cums.

Night Shift Nurses Vol 3
– Mistress/submissive. Extra bad acting. Boring. 2 sex scenes

Dyogrammaton Act 2 Willing bondage and fucking.  Sounds so much like a bad phone sex actress it’s funny. “Finger my steaming pussy with two fingers, yah baby, take me.”

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