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Anita Cannibal: If the Adult Industry Were a Hospital, We’d Have Been Closed Down Years Ago

Gene Ross reports:

The Anita Cannibal’s KSEX Show Wednesday night was not about debates.

It was more about love and breast feeding. Last week Cannibal had on Bill Margold, and the two of them went at it like jackals on an Egyptian mummy. This week Cannibal had on Mr. Marcus, and they appeared to be on the same page about performer health issues. Marcus had also brought along newcomer Claudia Downs who appeared content to play with Cannibal’s voluminous boobies. Downs, a blond, brings a lively set of C-cups to the table as well as a sturdy ass.

Cannibal and Marcus had attended a “think tank” last October which concerned itself with performer health issues. Attended by perhaps 60 people from the industry and the health field, Cannibal said the results and gathered information are not in as yet. However, Cannibal said the biggest scare coming out of the think tank was the possibility of eventual legislation and bill passing.

“We don’t need encroachment from the government,” she says. “But a bill could come down on us that would really hurt. The workers in this industry are not protected. If this was a hospital, we’d have been closed down years ago.”

Cannibal mentions that the STD rate in porn is also alarming and makes an analogy to consumers boycotting goods made in sweat shops. Cannibal wondered allowed that if porn consumers knew the true facts of the STD rate in the business would they buy movies showing performers acquiring them.

Marcus notes that the industry hadn’t begun STD testing until recently but that once it had, the statistics of performers with them began dropping.

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