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Anita Cannibal Won’t Answer Questions

I email her Monday:

Hi Anita,

I write

Did you send Cal-OSHA to the Naughty America set the other day? Did you have anything to do with it?

I heard that you got sent home from a couple of sets because people thought you tipped off OSHA?

Are you still doing your KSEX show? You seem quiet the past two weeks.

She replies Monday:

I don’t understand your position Luke. Do you have an issue to discuss and if so I will attempt to engage in an achedemic style of argument that I would hope you are capable of where issues are brought to discussion in order to reach a higher level of truth on both sides. So tell me Luke, what is you issue? Traci, aka anita cannibal

I respond:

I have no issue. I am simply asking you questions as a reporter to a subject. To be more precise, I am asking you the questions that other people have been asking me about you. I have no position on these matters.

Anita does not respond.

I don’t get it. Was I rude? Did I outline a position?

I’ve reviewed my questions. They are value-free and precise.

Why won’t Anita answer such simple questions?

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