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Ann Marie, Matt Zane Visit PTU; Ashlynn Brooke Sleep Walks; Scott Lyons Training with Dick Delaware

Photo Gallery. New Videos: Rob Spallone, Marty Romano Rob Spallone, Marty Romano Video Video Video Video Video Maria Menendez Interview Maria Menendez tells Jenna Haze that her last host, Adam Grayson, was mean to her Wankus, Nautica Thorn Johnny Buss Conky’s Commentary

I capture on video a dispute between Wankus and the black guy behind the scenes. “I’m not a caterer,” the black guys says. He won’t get something Wankus wants (he says he will never fetch food or drink) and he gets all profane about it over the course of the evening.

Wankus responds:

Luke my brother. U were right there and still got it wrong? Maybe you should have asked what it was really about.

I NEVER ask ANYONE to get me food or drink. Nor was that ever a comment. I ask that any tech staff I work with take pride in their work and have basic equipment, mics, etc. in working order and an urgency to deliver the production in the most efficient, top quality manner as they’re capable of doing so.

Primetime has been great but once in a while, when personalities clash, especially in the middle of a show when technical issues are throwing off timing, professionalism and the overall flow of things…a heated moment will surface. And like in most cases, when all parties have their moment, some time to chill and re-focus…all is well.

All is good. Me and (the black guy as you say it) are fine. And he’s actually not really a “tech guy”. He’s actually a partner in the company!

Gene Ross reports:

After taking a hiatus to “get her shit together,” Ann Marie [pictured] has returned to the porn wars. And Matt “The Lord” Zane, noted for the meathooks usually found in his back, is again hanging with the crowd.

These two performers along with Scott Lyons, Johnny Buss formerly of the LA Sparks, and Kylie Wilde gave Wankus another full capacity couch on PrimeTimeUncensored,, Wednesday night.

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