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Another case of HIV – This time a male performer

It’s been a rough year for the adult industry and it doesn’t look like 2014 is going to be any better. Today the FSC announced that we have another positive HIV performer and this one looks to be a male. And now we have another production moratorium, the 4th one this year. Although I hope unlike the last one people actually bother to listen this time.

The rumors are at this time is that he is a male, from the straight side of the industry but not high profile. Although in the end it shouldn’t matter how famous you are. Getting HIV sucks no matter what. And it kind of rubs me the wrong way that others are calling him non high profile as if that somehow that makes it better.

Beyond this new case of HIV, the FSC has yet to honestly address the reported issues of super gonorrhea (antibiotic resistant – non curable std), they are saying it’s not true despite several within the industry saying otherwise.

They are also avoiding the fact that they have been working with a convicted pedophile. And now we have this.

You want to know something else really fucked up? The FSC has decided to take this story as an opportunity for a membership drive and at the bottom of their press release about this poor guy who has HIV, they are telling you how you can be a part of the fabulous and wonderful world of the FSC. So you too can pay to be lied to and treated like shit.

Nice huh? How fucking sensitive of them.

I can honestly say these people at the FSC make my stomach turn.

Update: Mike South is reporting that the person is question is not from Florida (as others are suggesting), that he is absolutely from the LA talent pool. AVN says the male in question has done gay porn in the past but recently has only done straight. The rumor that it is Xander Corvus is false. Mostly because he’s in Europe with Dani Daniels right now so couldn’t possibly be testing at CET because well he’s not in the country to do so.

Industry Calls Production Moratorium After Positive HIV Test

Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the adult industry trade association, called for a production moratorium today after one of the testing facilities in its PASS testing system reported a positive HIV test for an adult performer.

“There was a positive test at one of our testing centers. We are taking every precaution while we do research to determine if there’s been any threat to the performer pool,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke. “We take the health of our performers very seriously and felt that it was better to err on the side of caution while we determine whether anyone else may have been exposed.”

The next steps will be to perform additional tests, determine a timeline, and identify any first generation partners.

“We want to make sure all performers are protected. The performers’ health and safety is the most important thing,” Duke added.

FSC called for all production to halt immediately, until further notice. Updates will be posted to the FSC-PASS website and the FSC blog.


Adult Production Health and Safety Services provides guidelines and services for the adult production industry designed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment of performers and adult film professionals. The program includes:

  • A series of nationwide testing sites providing low cost, high-quality testing in a timely manner
  • Performers have electronic access to testing results directly from labs
  • Variety of medical providers for treatment of performers in need of medical follow-up
  • Consistent standards and guidelines for testing and treatment of adult performers
  • A secure database that ensures performer privacy and protects producer liability
  • Protocol for performer support in the event of a positive HIV test result, including funding for testing of 1st and 2nd generation partners
  • Health and safety resources provided for producers
  • Health and safety training provided for performers


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