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Another Donny Long Site?

If you go look at,  the site that as far as I know still belongs to Donny Long, and  is his main source of income, it has been revamped.

There is also another adult jobs site that I’ve never seen before that looks just like DL’s revamped XXXFilmJobs. It’s called, it was registered in March 2010 and the who is info is protected.

Donny own that one too? Just wonderin’ Cuz both sites have the same features, design elements and wacky plug ins ( like the cartoon person talking to you) Maybe someone different owns the second site and just copied Donny’s?  But that would be right down to the word for word and font type of the legal stuff nobody really reads. Anyone have any info? Can one  of the wonderful ANTI-pwl Army get me more info? That cute TROLL perhaps? ?

(Yes I know this will send both sites traffic, which I am not thrilled about. BUT I’d rather everyone be aware of any possible thing that DL is doing than in the dark about it)



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