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Another Fight, Another Party in PornLand

NL- This is a statement I received from a reliable source and I had it confirmed by a second person. Plus the tweets below add up to what is stated, but because I’m not using names, we’ll consider this a rumor until someone that was there and uses their name verifies it.

OP/ED Unnamed Source e-mails me-I guess a few bad apples can turn a great night into an unbelievable situation.

A bunch of heavyweight industry people including Dan Davis, Jeff Mullen, Scott David, Wicked Pictures, Brad Thomas, LA Direct Skinworx and a few others got together to sponsor the official Exotica and Fame Awards party Saturday night at LaVida in Hollywood and all hell broke loose.

What was a fantastic night with beautiful porn stars, Hollywood types, tits, ass and a great vibe quickly went out of control when a table of Russian mobsters provoked Derek Hays girlfriend Breanne Benson into throwing a response punch. The incident was soon stopped but later erupted into another violent scene that included tables overturned when a few of their girlfriends starting up with the porn chicks.

Kenny Styles, Mr. Pete, Derek Hay, Russian money guys, Wicked girls like Kaylani Lei and other girls throwing punches in a scene right out of a Clint Eastwood movie.

When Mr. Pete was thrown out by the bouncers he started to fight them and they beat the shit out of him as he continued to fight and yell death threats at them threatening to sue everybody. They put him in a sleeper hold as Alexis Texas started to swing her shoe at one of the bouncers and Pete ended up on the sidewalk face first.

I was having a really good time when this went down and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. From what I saw it wasn’t the porn industry’s fault for starting the fight but Mr. Pete really brought on the bouncer beating by fight back.

Kenny Styles threw some really great punches at the mobsters knocking one guy out.

I didn’t expect much from this party since the convention was such a bore but the bash was actually really fucking good packed with tons of porn stars and some really huge names at that. Mullen always throws great partys. What a night.

Does anybody have any video of this?      

Mr Pete’s tweets-

 Just got jump in the club. My homies did nothing! Holla back
I keeps it real

After last night all I gotta say is Fuck You!

I’m ok other then a few scratches. My body is sore so I’m just gonna rest up today.

I have a bad attitude with the ones closest to me ftw

At home watching t.v. Enjoying a nice day off. Licking my wounds getting ready for the next adventure in life.

Peace and love my peeps

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Holla back if you feel me!

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