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Another Paysite Bites the Dust…

The website’s front page says…

Mikey and Mandy’s Most Original Porn Emporium (

After 5 years of doing this site out of the love of all things porny,
we lost to the porn cartel and never got the traffic needed
to stay alive…thanks ,for your support…
goodbye, we are no more… Mikey and Mandy.

RE:  mikeyandmandy is going out of business

Thursday, November 12, 2009 9:36 PM

Dear affiliate:
After 5 years of publishing we are closing our doors and moving on. We did the site out of love and in the end could not  compete with the adult cartel.

In short, we are done with the adult industry, It was a fun ride on a good day, but time to move on.
Michael C Gross (aka: Mikey), and Roberta E Morgan (aka: Mandy)
Best to you all, and thanks for your support.

NL-I wish you the best. What are you going to do with your site as it stands? and your current subscribers?

Michael-I just canceled all members and took down the site but for the index pages.

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