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Anthony Crane: Out of Prison and Speaking Out

Former porn performer Anthony Crane writes in:

I was bouncing around the internet and found your site. Alot of stuff was said about me that is such bullshit. Though I must admit, a fragment was, in fact ,bitterly true. Anyway, I spent 4 and a half years in the neo nazi prison system of california. Why? because I threatened my ex on the phone. Nicole London spent a majority of her time trying to make my life miserable. Then one day I broke. Was she in fact frightened by this threat? Nope. She was her typical asshole pissed off self. And like every father of her children (she has 4 now, with four different men) She sent me to prison along with the rest of her victims. Shes a fucking piece of shit that pumps out babies and then sends the fathers to prison, thereafter demanding child support or… “I’ll send you back!” Shes like a virus against mankind. My only consolation is that one day karma will meet up with her. And it will not be nice. I presently live in Kentucky, own my own business, bought a house and land and am married to a woman that is NOT human garbage as my ex was.. Nicole loved to run around making up stories and presenting herself as a “victim”. The fact is, any man that encounters her becomes HER victim. As far as the bullshit with Jasmine Klein, all I can say is….She really should discover deodorant. The entire time I was with Jasmine was like living in a garbage dump. The bitch was completely incapable of cleanliness. But she never really mattered anyway. She was like Nicole, numerous children through numerous men. Ho is the word that comes to mind. My “friends” of course bailed on me when the ship was sinking and the only people that had my back were Julie Meadows and up until the end, Skye Blue. Thats it. I’m quite certain that while the rumors were intitially flying around were expounded upon,over dramatized and turning from “man makes threat on phone” to man wields giant battle axe against his victimized ex.”. Thats the way is though. People are so bored in that business and so fucked up in the head that they NEED rumors about others so that they can feel better about themselves. Anyway, that All I really have to say. Peace. Anthony Crane

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