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Anyone else think that Vivid should finally get rid of Paul Thomas?

Opinion/Editorial by Darrah Ford of PornStarBabylon

Ryan at noticed how Monique Alexander made a comment after accepting her award at this weekend’s AVN Awards on how she and director Paul Thomas have had their problems. Is this why so many of the top girls have left Vivid, haven’t had their contracts renewed, or branched out on their own to start their own companies? With so many of the girls from the same company complaining about the same director, the blame falls on that director instead of the girls. You’ll get a much better product if you treat the talent better instead of reducing them to tears before filming starts. The girls already have enough to deal with instead of coming to work and being humiliated by their director. Is Paul the reason why Monique is leaving Vivid?

Two months ago Briana Banks left Vivid to start her new company and didn’t even tell Vivid she was leaving. They heard about the news after she had announced it on her Myspace blog! Briana’s own statement suggests the girls weren’t being treated well at Vivid:

Banks is looking to sign a select number of exclusive contract girls. She emphasized the importance of finding the right performers, and treating them well.

“My main goal is to focus on the talent, and to recognize that without them we don’t have a finished product,” she said. “I want to create a better support system and a better work environment for contract girls. We’re being very picky; we don’t want to have 12 girls. We want to take two or three girls and build them into stars.”

Paul had Briana crying when right near her he said he hated women with breast implants and looking at them disgusted him. While directing twins Lacey and Lyndsey Love, he starts insulting them saying how stupid they are and he hopes to never work with them again. He’s had problems with Jenna Jameson and also Devon dating back ten years ago.

Ryan also points out How Vivid didn’t win that many awards this weekend compared to previous years. Their biggest success this year was for ‘Cry Wolf’ which won for Best Film staring Monique Alexander. Vivid usually does very well at every award show. But from all the fan grumblings because of Vivid’s three newest choices for contract girls, I don’t see Vivid doing that well in the years to come.

If Paul has a problem with breast implants, then he’s in the wrong business. He should leave the adult industry or just leave the entertainment industry all together. This isn’t the 1980’s anymore before plastic surgery became a staple throughout Hollywood. He’s lucky he has his contract with Vivid and should remember he needs them more than they need him.

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