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AP Clips Releases Integrated ‘Fan Club’ with Tiers and 80% Payout, long known for it’s generous 75% clip-sales payout and it’s enthusiastically devoted creator community, has just released it’s largest and most-anticipated new feature to date. AP FanClub will enable AP creators to offer a fully-customized subscription fan-club product to their fans, as well as the option to offer multiple fan-club tiers. Creators will receive an 80% payout on all their AP FanClub sales.

When AP polled creators about 4 months ago on what feature they’d most like AP to add, creators responded overwhelmingly that they wanted a FanClub/Subscription product, which would enable them to focus more of their promotional efforts within the AP community marketplace.

Long-time AP Creator and AP Brand Ambassador Jasper Aptik @ahptik commented, “I love seeing how AP grows and constantly works to improve their site for their creators, and I look forward to using this new feature to better serve my fan base.”

AP Creator Mariaa (@MariaPoetess) added, “I really like how flexible AP FanClub is, making it so creators can use it in so many ways! There’s just so much to it!”.

AP FanClub is fully customizable, enabling creators to offer up to 3 membership “tiers” to their fans, and is fully integrated into the APClips platform. Any visitors to a creator’s profile will be able to easily view their FanClub offerings, as well as shop for a-la-carte clips and photo-sets from their catalog. APClips’ recent full-site redesign and optimization was purpose-built to accommodate the FanClub feature, and maintains it’s sleek profile interface regardless of whether an AP creator chooses to use the FanClub feature or not.

APClips Founder/CEO Gavin Lloyd (@APclipsCEO) summed it up like this: “After polling our community and learning what AP creators wanted, we put a lot of thoughtful design and development time into AP FanClub. We wanted to create something truly unique and special, and could not be more pleased with the final product. The multiple-tier functionality was suggested to us by several creators, so we felt the extra development time was well-spent to make this a reality. I think it’s a special point of differentiation which creators will appreciate. The fan-club format is extremely popular with consumers, so we’re very optimistic that it will genuinely enrich the AP marketplace, and be highly beneficial to the AP creator community.”

The AP Team has pledged to donate all APFanClub platform fees for the entire month of June to the Black Lives Matter movement.

For more info about AP FanClub, visit the APClips Creator Lounge:


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