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APAC Cares About Mental Health, Unless You’re Under 21

APAC has been busy promoting another one of its parties, I mean “mental health awareness get-togethers.”

Nothing says we care like a drug filled booze fest that’s 21 and up, run by numbskulls.


I wonder if APAC will have a mental health awareness happy hour? Feeling suicidal? Here, have a beer and ride our mechanical bull. But can we see your ID first? Oh sorry, you’re 20, you’ll have to wait outside.

APAC, the ones who talk about sex work discrimination, discriminating against under 21 sex workers, classic.

Here’s a novel idea, how about getting rid of the fucking booze and open the event to the people who vote in the APAC election, and pay dues to help APAC throw these types of events.

And what’s APAG doing while APAC is snorting coke at 21 and over rooftop parties?  They’re handling Instagram sex worker discriminatory polices. Kinda of makes you wonder what happened to APAC?

Believe it or not, there was a time when APAC was concerned with the state of the adult industry. Now it’s pool parties, BBQ and self adulation. No word on whether Rick Madrid has joined yet, he’s over 21, has severe mental health issues, and loves him some BBQ and anal.

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