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APAC & FSC Want To Fight Racism With….Segregation

APAC, not to be confused with the equally stupid APAG, has decided to have a whites, and blacks, only meeting to discuss racism in porn..Hosted by, you guessed it , a black person and a white person…If you’re Mexican or Asian, your basically fucked…However, if you’re Biracial you can not only use the N-word, but go to both meetings.

From XBIZ:

Performer advocate Lotus Lain will moderate the People of Color Forum at the FSC, facilitating a discussion for people of color to connect and strategize on the matter of race in the industry.

“The people of color in this industry need a space where they can come together to discuss shared experiences on what it actually means to be a person of color in this industry,” Lotus said. “We want to start a dialogue about how race and racism affect everyone. The fact that issues are always framed as black-versus-white is emblematic of the deeper problem of the erasure and silencing of other ethnic groups. We want to make sure all people of color feel welcomed, heard and listened to.”

At the same time, an Anti-Racism Workshop will be hosted by Riley Reyes, Chairwoman of APAC, offering a space for white people in the industry to learn about racism and bias, and how to strive to be better allies.

My question is, who appointed Lotus Lain speaker of the blacks, and Riley, the speaker of the whites?  And wouldn’t it make more sense for Lotus to go to the whites only meeting and tell them how racist they are?  Meanwhile Riley can go to the blacks only meeting and apologize for all the evil that whites do? Will Serenity Haze show up in a white sheet thinking it’s a clan meeting?  Will there be food and safe spaces?  Are Jews allowed? or do they have their own BYOG, Bring Your Own Gold, meeting?

I can’t be the only one who thinks this is beyond absurd.

The fucking world is going to shit…

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